Dominix/Armageddon Investment Status

It has finally happened! The Dominix is selling for more than its resource cost in Jita. For those of you who are not aware I wrote a speculation post and a two month update where I mention that several battleships will be a worthwhile investment. My predictions that it would take about 6 months to be profitable were partially right. The Dominix is profitable but the Armageddon is still lagging a bit behind. Both  ships will double in value if you bought in at the ground floor, however they have not risen to this level just yet although the Dominix is very close.

The Dominix was one of the ships that players were heavily invested in and it is already paying off. It has seen substantial price increases early on and is even better now. Even though the Dominix increased in resource cost the materials themselves declined a little so there is not yet a full 200% return on investment. Now for the disclaimer this only applies to researched Dominix BPO’s but the fact that the ship has risen to this level means that it will likely settle on a nearby price. Currently it costs 177million to make one with an unresearched BPO, with a ME10 it only costs 172million. The ship is selling at 172 million ISK in the jita market but that is primarily because there are large numbers of ships in standby waiting to be sold. There are several sell orders that are at 200-400 ships and they will in turn keep the price down until they sell out. These orders are essentially setting the price ceiling untill they sell out. Once these ships have sold out there will be another increase of about 8-10million and it should settle around 180-190million ISK because the average markup of a ship is about 5% before taxes.

As an update to the Armageddon it has still not reached its maximum potential however it did have a large surge in price recently. I still expect the Armageddon to continue up in price until it reaches around 200million. The manufacturing cost of this BPO is 188million ISK, but again if it at least has a ME10 then it would only cost 181million to build. Either way the ship is still selling for around 140million so there is still some profit to be made  even though you would be late to the game. I would also caution players when investing in long term investments because this one will take at least 3 -6 months before it should reach its full value. The good news is that I can now sell my remaining Dominix and buy more Armageddons because I can only profit 10 or 20 million more with each Dominix, but with the Armageddon I can make 40-50m per. This allows me to get the most profit out of the money I have invested.

The reason that the Dominix has been out selling the Armageddon is partially because of the recent changes in Odyssey that made it a more powerful ship. It also tends to be a more used ship for nullsec fleets as of lately and is more common than a Armageddon which helps explain why they have not risen in value as quickly. That being said few players should be manufacturing the Armageddon untill the price rises which means eventually it will continue to go up in price.

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