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This isn’t a new topic by any means but due to some recent high value kills I decided I would discuss transporting expensive goods. Every day there are transport pilots who get ganked and don’t seem to learn from their experience. A player cannot avoid being ganked, they can however reduce their risk. If someone really has it out for them then they will get killed, by reducing their risk players don’t become an target of opportunity.

 Have you ever bought an item to resell only to have that item drop in price? Well you’re not alone and there is a rather simple solution. Items routinely go up and down in price and often someone is left holding the bag. Several times I have bought items at 20million when the next day they are selling for 18million. When players notice that the sell orders are going down in price they attempt to cash out by selling to the buy orders. Because of this you will notice that buy orders receive large inventories of items just before the market completely crashes but all is not lost.  While it seems like a no win situation there are several things you can do to ensure you continue to make a profit.

Dear Golden,

I found out about Eve-Online a few months ago when some of my friends started playing. We like it so much we decided to create a corp so that we could easily communicate. Earlier this week we got a notification that our corporation had been war-dec’d by another corporation. I have already read various information about wars, but I would like to know what you think we should do about the war, should we fight? run? disband? Any help would be appreciated.



I made a few speculation investments based on the information we were given before Rubicon launched. Some of them made isk, some of them lost isk, but overall I made a profit. I invested in the ships that were the least used in the hope that they would gain the highest value after the buff. I also invested in PI materials because I suspected there would be a higher demand with new player deployables. In these results I did not post what I sold them for because there was no set number, rather I am posting what the current value is on the market.

Finally SOE is going to attempt to enforce their rules about forum posting. It was one of the things which bothered me when I returned to Planetside 2. I ended up removing my complaint about the forums before I posted because I knew that some of the discussion was actually trying to improve the game, even though most of it was just trolls or whining. This is because the threads start productive and turn into a pile of shit half way into them. One of the problems with players complaining and not contributing to the discussion is that it derails the thread  and stops it from getting any real momentum. Additionally even though SOE has stated that they don’t listen to players who just whine and complain on the forums but to players it does not appear that way.

Many of my fellow bloggers noticed when the site went down several months ago. During that time we all wondered if we would see its triumphant return and the wait is over. The website returned awhile ago but it isn’t quite what it was before. If you want to see the most recent blog listings you have to go to the 7 day page rather than the homepage which takes a little getting use to but it is nice to see more than 20 posts listed. The real question is how many users switched their blog searching from evebloggers to other sites such as blogeve, eveblogs, Foo’s Eve Blog Roll. Each of these websites have their upsides and downsides and with evebloggers switching hands several times in the past few years it is unclear if they will remain the primary blog portal for eve readers.

Blog Banter 51 – The Shakes

Welcome to the continuing monthly EVE Blog Banters and our 51st edition! For more details about what the blog banters are visit the Blog Banter page.* * * * *

EVE Online can be a game of heart-pounding, palm-sweating, adrenaline-fuelled ecstasy or agony. Sometimes over the years those reactions dim and what was once a panic inducing situation becomes commonplace routine. For some, the shakes never go away.

It has finally happened! The Dominix is selling for more than its resource cost in Jita. For those of you who are not aware I wrote a speculation post and a two month update where I mention that several battleships will be a worthwhile investment. My predictions that it would take about 6 months to be profitable were partially right. The Dominix is profitable but the Armageddon is still lagging a bit behind. Both  ships will double in value if you bought in at the ground floor, however they have not risen to this level just yet although the Dominix is very close.