My Return to Planetside 2

I had stopped playing Planetside 2 around August as I had grown tired of the imbalance of weapons and populations on Mattherson. I was hoping that taking a break from the game would help me realize how great of a game that Planetside 2 actually was. I knew that there was some major developments being worked on including Hossin, although I had my doubts that it would be produced anytime soon because it was already delayed two times when I was playing.

So I decided it was time to see how Planetside 2 had progressed since I last played the game. Wouldn’t you know it, nothing has really changed. I can’t say that I am surprised because based on the original Planetside it is clear that SOE tends to take awhile to balance the empires. After three months though I was really hoping for some kind of balance so that the faction populations would even out. There has been some debate on the “fairness” of weapons across all empires now some empires have better weapons than others but I don’t know how big the difference really is. I just know that there are tons of players who join the VS on Mattherson which makes an even fight almost impossible to achieve. The population that I observed was usually the same 50% VS 25%NC 25%TR that I saw before I took a break. I would be just as upset if I played VS because there are less people to shoot at and it gets really boring.

I was wondering when Hossin would be released so I decided to check the Roadmap that SOE pushed as the best idea they have ever had. Well wouldn’t you know it, everything is unscheduled except “Balance Pass” and “On Going Performance Improvements“. Now these are needed improvements to the game, but I don’t know why everything else gets an “unscheduled” date on it. That means that there is no one currently working on it and that they don’t have any plans as to when these features can even be released. Now Hossin and the battle islands were already in heavy development and should be finished or close to finishing and now who knows how long until we see it.

All of those ideas on the Roadmap were supposed to be voted on by players and SOE would improve those areas first. I can’t say that I am surprised SOE would let down its player base but I am a bit confused  as to why SOE would just put these ideas on hold. What would the harm be in planning ahead so that your developers and players know what to expect in the next few months? There really is none, I know that missing a launch date is devastating but these were never exact dates just months of when to expect them. It seems like once again SOE is showing how bad they are at planning ahead for the future.

As far as I can tell Planetside 2 was in the same state three months ago that it is in today. There are some major optimizations and balances around the corner but compared to how many changes SOE implemented in their first three months of launching PS2    it is very disappointing. I still cannot believe that the populations numbers are so far off and that SOE hasn’t tried to address it. One of the biggest problems I had was fighting a force who could simply through more troops at our base than we could. This in turn removed any strategy from the game which is why most of us actually play. I will be watching to see how these balances and optimizations affect the game but honestly I feel like they are a day late and a dollar short.

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