SOMERblink Incentive For GTC Purchases – More to Come?

Recently SOMERblink increased its ISK payout for buying GTC’s from them (200M to 1B ISK). This is due to the fact that CCP is pushing their re-sellers of GTC’s to stop allowing websites to offer incentives to players who buy from them.  I am not here to get into the whole SOMERgate issues I just wanted to say a few things about this particular move.

First I don’t know if it will stop at a 1Billion ISK bonus.  Quite frankly if SOMER has the ISK, which according to their website they do, then they should offer more ISK as the 7th approaches if they really want to capitalize on the money they are expecting. This way they acquire more real money for ISK which is abundant for SOMER.  Now I am not suggesting that this is better for the community, but they seem to be cashing out to make as much money as possible which is why I suspect they might continue to increase the ISK credit per GTC as the last last days for them to cash out approach.

Secondly, many players are stating that using the SOMER site will only return an average of 80% of return on gambled ISK. So that this promotion isn’t a big deal, but that translates to about 800M for the 1B credit you are given for buying a GTC. However this is not actually true, I suppose if you just randomly place bets you can expect at most 80% return, but there are plenty of items you can buyout for about the same cost they have in Jita. Which means if you play it smart you can make all of that 1 Billion ISK back into your wallet if not more. That ISK can then be turned into PLEX fairly easily which means for a 60-day GTC a player gets 3.5 months of game time. Which leads me to my next conclusion that this is precisely what is happening.

SomerplexIf you take a look at the PLEX traded daily it is abnormally high these last few days since the bonus credit was increased. I suppose it is possible that CCP is trying to control the price of PLEX by injecting the market but I find it extremely unlikely that it would occur at the same time SOMER has a huge promotion. So this lowers the price of PLEX which is good for those multiple account users and if you buy GTC’s to sell for ISK this deal isn’t too bad for you either as you get some additional ISK. Now what will this mean for the long term? I don’t know, I suspect that the effects of SOMER cashing out are only temporary and that GTC and PLEX sales will begin to stabilize after the 7th when the ban on incentives (such as ISK credit) with purchase of GTC’s take effect.

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