New Info on Siphon’s!

CCP posted their latest blog which discusses how the new Siphon units will work in Rubicon.

Here are the important notes from the blog:

  • Siphon units will only take up 20m^3 of space when in a ship
  • No setup time required
  • Once placed cannot be picked up
  • Can be attacked/accessed by anyone
  • POS does not shoot at the siphon automatically
  • Steals once an hour from the production unit, and steals 60 units of raw material or 25 units of processed material
  • It steals from the end of a production chain
  • Capacity of 1200m^3
  • More than one siphon can be deployed at a POS, first come first steal
  • Waste factor of 20% for all material “stolen”

Now what does this mean for you? Well it means if you own a POS with a moon mining operation that you should start to watch your POS on a daily basis. Most moon mining operators only log in to fuel and extract the bounty but with these units available they will have to actively check their POS to make sure that it is not leaking ISK. If you are the average player I would recommend that you pick one up, the dev blog says they will be manufactured by players for around 10m ISK so they won’t be terribly expensive. Additionally with two units you siphon 100% of the material that one moon harvesting array produces, although you don’t get 100%, you’d only get 80 basic units per hour due to the 20 % loss in theft. Don’t worry 72 units an hour is still great considering you have no expenses and if that resource is say worth 10k each you would make 19million a day or 576million a month assuming it would run that long. It would not surprise me if the siphon units would go unnoticed for a week at a time. This new item forces POS owners to actively check up on their POS which helps reduce the easy ISK that moons produce. This is the perfect system for those smaller alliances or even solo players to attack the income that larger alliances hold over the rest of eve.

There is an artificial limit of two siphons for each moon harvester because they would take the entire production from one hour, any more wouldn’t do anything different. This however is almost a non-issue if a player sees there are too many siphon units then he can just steal the loot that the other units have stolen. As an ex-POS owner I can image these will be troublesome at first and would keep me worrying about losing my supply of ISK. Though eventually the hype will die down and siphons will play a smaller role in eve-online. As a non-POS owner I cannot wait to see what this does do those moon giants across the universe and I might even join in myself. There are defiantly exciting times to come from all of this and as long as CCP doesn’t back down I think this will cause some excellent mayhem.

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