CS:GO Recent Updates

          Two months ago Valve released their Arms Deal update for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. This update allows for player for the first time in the game to collect, buy, sell, and trade decorated weapons. These new weapon skins do no add anything else besides aesthetic value. Your badass Doom Kitty skin for the FAMAS does not make it any more powerful. Two other new items they released with the update are the stock weapons: the M4A1-S and the USP-S. You might remember them from the old Counter-Strike games as the silenced M16 and the silenced counter-terrorist stock pistol.


                There are a number of different ways that players can get their hands on these new weapon skins, the first being crates that are randomly dropped. Much like in Team Fortress 2, Valve implemented a crate system that contains a possibility of weapon skins. Keys for the crates can be bought in game and are currently $2.50. These crates have the possibility of containing very “rare” weapon skins. For example, there are several new knife skins, one turning your knife into a curved karambit. These knives are highly desired and sell for large amounts of money on the market. Which is the next way to obtain the new skins. The community market place is great for finding that certain weapon skin that you are looking for, usually for pretty cheap nowadays. When the update was first released people were paying ridiculous amounts of money for AWP skins (over $200). Now most skins will cost a matter of a couple cents. If you have no desire to spend any money on the skins, even if it is three cents, that is not a problem. Every time you play on a community or official server, in any game mode, you have a chance at the end of the game to automatically receive a random skin. But if you don’t like that rusty look for the Uzi, go ahead and sell it on the marketplace.

Along with the new skins, some weapons will randomly have a StatTrak ability. StatTrak means that specific weapon will have a number counter on the side of the gun that will tally up the number of kills it has gotten in its gameplay. On a knife, the kill counter is etched in the blade itself.


                About a month ago, Valve released another update which included “contracts” for the Arms Deal update. All players will receive a contract in their inventory. This contract allows players to trade 10 of the same quality skins for one skin that is of higher quality. Think of this like crafting in TF2, you can get rid of all the skins you do not want in hopes for something better.

The last update was a couple of weeks ago, when Valve released Operation Bravo. This update released 8 community made maps for users to play on in classic and competitive mode. Users need to buy a pass before playing on them though. Once a pass has been purchased, they will receive an Operation Bravo Coin, which is basically a medal that shows how much you played on the Bravo maps. This update also released a large number of more weapon skins, some that can only be obtained if you have purchased the Bravo pass. See you on the battlefield!


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