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You can consult the guide here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=181702204&searchtext=rikki

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Riki, he’s an elusive asshole. Left unchecked a Riki can come to completely dominate the game.

Like most heroes, Riki has access to 4 skills, two of which are a passive, but together they may be the most game breaking passives out there.
In order his skills are:
– Smokescreen: Throw down an AOE smokescreen which slows and silences the enemy and also makes the enemy miss a percentage of their attacks.
– Blink strike: A short range blink. When blinking to an enemy you will deal damage and appear behind them, when blinking to an ally you will simply blink behind them, and not do any damage.
– Backstab: Makes your attacks deal more damage when standing behind or to the sides of them.
– Invisibility: Makes you permanently invisible. Attacking or using skills makes you visible. Leveling this up will decrease the time it takes for you to turn from visible to invisible.

Skills text


Your leveling up should look something like this:


The reasoning behind this is actually quite simple.
Blink strike you want an early level in first, as it allows you to escape when in a tight spot.
Backstab you want to max out first, so you have an easier time last hitting. This in combination with blink strike allows you to finish any enemy that gets low.
Smokescreen you want an early level in for utility purposses, but you will max this last. You want to use smokescreen primarily for the silence, and to an extent for the slowing effect, keeping it low level keeps the mana cost down allowing this skill to be used more often.
Level invisibility at every opportunity, so at level 6 -11- 16.




Once you hit level 6 your invisibility will be your primary defense, so you will be focusing on offense, and ignore defense.

Before you get to 6 however, you want a poor man’s shield to keep you safe while last hitting, and the added agility helps you in scoring those last hits. Build powerthreads next, so you can switch between attack speed and damage as required.
When playing on mid lane I would heartily recommend a bottle, but you can forgo that when playing any other lane.
A magic wand is a rather cheap investment in any other case, especially when in lane with spammy casters. Giving you some added mana and health, so you can stick in lane longer.

Once you hit 6 you want to rush for either a Yasha or a Diffusal Blade. The 8 slows of the diffusal blade are great for killing off enemy heroes, and if you have a Phantom Lancer in the game it will neutralize him outright (as you instantly kill illusions with a diffusal).

If the enemy is warding heavily, consider getting counterwards, or a gem, this will allow you to be safer. Ideally you can get the team support to do that, but if they can’t, do it yourself. Dust of appearance however is your biggest enemy, so make sure to blink the hell away if you see one get popped.

Once you have a diffusal and a sange or Yasha you should be in a pretty good spot. Remember you don’t want to be the first to attack. Make sure the enemy is too preocupied with a tower, creeps or another hero, before jumping in. Always pop a smoke screen before actually attacking. if the enemy tries to run, blink strike. If the enemy is outmatching you, blink strike away and wait for the cloak to pop.
Your next item if you are needed to defend in multiple lanes, or ganking/pushing a lot across the map should be boots of travel (ditch the power threads to make room).

If things are going really well you might want to consider getting a Heart of Tarrask, combined with your cloak this allows you to pretty much stay in the field at all times. When  you get low you just back off, and once cloaked you let the heart heal you until you are maxed out, then you can jump back into the action and burst like no tomorrow. For added assholery you can get a Mask of Madness, The burst it gives you is incredible, not to mention the lifesteal keeping you in good condition throughout a longer fight.

Assuming it isn’t a game over at this point, Get yourself a battlefury instead of a mask, and farm like mad, once you are ready for the final push, get yourself a Divine Rapier, and wipe the floor with the other team.

I hope you enjoyed the guide, good hunting

Eliniale (CO.RE) out

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