Rubicon Announced!

Today CCP had a live twitch stream where they talked about their new expansion Rubicon slated for later this year.

Here are a list of the expected changes for those who missed the live stream :

HS customs offices are fair game – Players can control HS Custom offices and set their own tax rate. Expect a large fight over the major CO’s around Jita. This IMO will be the biggest change in this expansion, giving large funding to corporations in the universe.

Four new player deployable’s with more planned for the future

  • Siphon –  Steals resources from a POS such as moon minerals, maybe fuel. Anyone can loot the siphon but it can be used on POS owners who never monitor this POS. Unclear if POS guns will engage, although it is unlikely that they will because this mod would be useless.Siphon
  • Depo –  a moveable hanger that players can store items in as well as refit their ship from anywhere in space.Depo
  • Tractor-beam/looting device that does just that. Allows missions to easily clean up missions can also be used on the pvp field. – Does not loot yellow wrecks.
  • Short range Cyno Jammer – Range of 50km-70km, one time use prevents a Cyno from being lit directly on top of you, covert Cyno’s are not jammed.

Warp Acceleration – being modified so that a ship’s warp speed impacts the acceleration of warp. Interceptors can now follow a battleship to a planet and arrive before the battleship does.

T2 Ship changes:

  • Interceptors
  • Interdictors
  • Electronic Attack Frigates
  • If you haven’t bought these yet don’t bother, the market cleared of the cheap ships within 30 seconds of the announcement.

New SOE ships to be released hopefully this expansion. They will have bonuses to scanning/drone and the ability to cloak.

New certificate system – It looks better than the old one.Certificates2

ProgressiontreeShip tree will look better – easier to see what ship skills are needed for the next level.

New character selection screen

Twitch integrated into the Eve-Client

SOE cruiser

SOE Cruiser

SOE frig

SOE frigate

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