Docking Permission Requested 2: Career Military

Cash flow for Capsuleers 1-10: (Please note that this guide is written for Gallente starter pilots; while much of the below guide also applies to Minmatar, Caldari and Amarr, there are minor deviations.)

Welcome back, during this tutorial we’ll cover: Cloning and medical facilities, agents, objectives and missions, combat, implants and  basic fitting.

Will also move from the new player hub to the career mission hub, this is generally only a few jumps away. For the Gallente this hub is known as Couster.

Once you arrive in station you should check out the following station services.
– Medical: This allows for the purchase of clones and jump clones. Regular clones are the ‘respawns’ when you die, these clones allow you to keep a set amount of skills points. It’s important to always have an up-to-date clone (a clone that has more skill point potential than the amount of SP you currently have). So that when you die, you don’t lose any precious skills.
– Repair bay: As the name suggests, here you can repair any damaged ships, modules and drones.
– Insurance: Here you can insure ships to various payout levels. If your insured ship goes boom, you are granted the amount of ISK from the insurance contract.

Pro tip: Orbit, orbit, orbit. Always keep moving and set your orbit range to your optimal firing range. This will make it easier for you to score hits, while avoiding enemy fire.

Ctrl+click target                                  Lock
F1-F8                                                     Activate mods in the top 8 slots
Alt+F1-F8                                             Activate mods in the middle 8 slots
Ctrl+F1-F8                                           Activate mods in the bottom 8 slots
LMB hold over target                        Open radial menu
Ctrl+R                                                   Reload modules
E                                                             Drones engage active target
Shift+R                                                 Return drones to drone bay
Double click in empty space             Move in that direction at sublight speed

Missions 1-4 can be found in video format here:

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OBJECTIVE: Clear the pirates from the asteroid belt (note: this is a deadspace location, not an actual asteroid belt).
REWARD: Weapon (Gallente & Caldari: 75mm railgun, Amarr: dual light beam laser, Minmatar: 125mm gatling autocannon)
BONUS REWARD: Weapon Ammunition

MISSION DETAILS: The mission is in a deadspace location in the same system you are currently in, so just accept the mission, undock and warp to the mission location. As you arrive, you’ll find one frigate vessel nearby and a few others a bit further off. Dispatch each group separately, this should be rather easy as they do not come to each other’s aid. Although you likely will not be needing it, have a small armor repairer equipped. (If you are flying a Minmatar or Caldari vessel, a small shield booster should be used instead).

Pro tip: After the mission equip the new weapon. You will now likely have two different types of weapon; this is not optimal, but we will fix this later. Also check the weapon range by mousing over it after loading it with ammo; keep this range in mind when in combat.
Also important, load the ammo you got into your cargo bay, so you can reload in fights.

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OBJECTIVE: Eliminate the pirates and rescue the civilian miner. You will find the civilian in a cargo container that’s dropped by a pirate vessel upon destruction.
REWARD: Frigate ship (Gallente: Atron, Caldari: Condor, Minmatar: Slasher, Amarr: Excecutioner)
BONUS REWARD: 53000 credits


There will be 3 frigates awaiting you at the mission site; these normally engage you immediately. With both guns you should able to dispatch these enemies quite easily. After killing the initial wave, two more ships will come in and attack. You have to loot the cargo container that dropped. This container will contain the civilian you require to complete the mission, put them in your cargo hold and dock at the agent station, then hand in the mission.

Pro tip: After the mission repackage your current ship (all modules will be returned to your hanger), and unpack the new vessel, then activate this vessel (you will board it), now equip the modules of your old ship on the new one. (Alt+F for fitting menu. Dragging the mods onto the ship will equip them; remember to load up ammo as well.)

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OBJECTIVE: Destroy pirates, loot secret documents from the container they leave behind, report back to your agent.
GRANTED ITEMS:  2 weapons (Gallente : 75mm railgun, Caldari: rocket launcher, Amarr: dual light beam laser, Minmatar: 125mm gatling autocannon)
REWARD: Propulsion Jamming skill
BONUS REWARD: 81000 credits
Note: Before heading out, fit the two new weapons you received for accepting the mission. If you still have one of the starter weapons drag those off now, and fit the new weapons instead.

As you did the last time, warp to the mission location and engage the enemy. There are a bunch of smaller drones around that can be a pest to hit, don’t worry, just keep at it and you’ll take ’em down. Alternatively you can fit a civilian Stasis Webifier to slow these guys down and make it easier to hit them.

Regardless of the method, once they are destroyed, one will have a dropped a cargo container, loot it to pick up the secret document and return to station. Hand in, mission complete.

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OBJECTIVE: Warp to the deadspace area. Find the stargate and approach it.
REWARD: Afterburner I
BONUS REWARD: 33000 credits

MISSION DETAILS: Warp to the deadspace location and approach the gate; once you get in range you will get a message in local telling you to return to the agent, and the journal will update. At this point the stargate will also start shooting you, so just warp back to the agent station.
While waiting for warp to engage you can use a shield booster or armor repairer to mitigate any damage you take. Hand mission in, and you are done.

From hereon out, you’ll need to watch this video:

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OBJECTIVE: Meet up with the pirate at the repair outpost. Follow his instructions and then report back to your agent.
GRANTED ITEM: Civilian Shield Hardener
REWARD: Shield Management skill
BONUS REWARD: 26000 credits

Note: if you fly Caldari or Minmatar fit the shield hardener; if Amarr or Gallente, don’t bother with it, you are an armor tank so this module is useless to you.

Warp to location, there will be a single pirate here and a dialog box will open up. Simply attack and destroy the ship, then warp back to the station. Mission complete.

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OBJECTIVE: Destroy NPC Outpost. You will find it in the final room of the complex.
REWARD: Ocular Filter (perception implant)
BONUS REWARD: 59000 credits

MISSION DETAILS: When you warp to the mission location you will arrive on an acceleration gate. Activate it, and you will be warped into the next mission area (also referred to as a pocket).

In this pocket you will encounter a number of hostiles you need to destroy before you can activate the acceleration gatet. If at any point your armor gets low, use the armor repairer, you can turn it back off once the armor is fully repaired (for Caldari and Minmatar pilots: replace armor rep with shield booster, and armor with shield).
Once the hostiles are down, take the next gate. Rinse and repeat until you reach the pocket with the outpost.

Once you find the outpost you need to destroy it. Don’t bother shooting anything else, you don’t need to fight the pirates so just shoot the outpost and get out.

Note on the implant: you will require the Cybernetics skill to be able to use the implant, I recommend getting it and plugging in the implant as it will decrease training time for every skill with a perception attribute. Do note that if you get your pod blown up with implants installed, the implants will be lost as well.

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OBJECTIVE: Destroy the pirates at the convoy ambush site. If you get low on hit-points, simply warp out and regenerate, then warp back in.
GRANTED ITEM: Small Armor Repairer
REWARD: 36000 credits
BONUS REWARD: 32000 credits

Note for Gallente and Amarr: If you are still using a civilian armor repairer, swap it out for the regular one. Caldari and Minmatar: don’t bother fitting an armor repairer, you are a shield tank.

This is a bit of a marathon fight, each time you kill all the enemies, a few more will spawn. You shouldn’t overly worry about this however, with some good weapons and an armor repairer/shield booster, you should be fine. After some 3 waves, the enemies will stop spawning, and the mission is complete.

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OBJECTIVE: Fly to the hotel your agent mentioned, you’ll have to fly close to it in order for the mission to complete.
GRANTED ITEM: Weapon Upgrades
REWARD: Overdrive Injector System
BONUS REWARD: 39000 credits

This mission is a recon run much like the gate mission. When you fly close to the hotel you’ll take some damage all of a sudden, enough to take out your shields and dent your armor. Don’t be alarmed, it won’t kill you. Once you took the damage, warp to your agent, and you can hand in the mission (If you are a shield tanker, don’t forget to undent the armor in the station repair bay).

Note: If you want to increase your speed, install the overdrive injector system. This comes at the expense of cargo capacity.

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OBJECTIVE: Destroy the narcotics warehouse and report back to your agent.
REWARD: Stasis Webifier
BONUS REWARD: 54000 credits

MISSION DETAILS: After warping to the location, you will notice a number of pilots in your current pocket. Dispatch these and take the acceleration gate.

In the next pocket, you’ll find another group of pirates. They are spread around in small groups, so you should be able to take them out group per group.
The narcotics warehouse is located on top of the barren asteroid, as you approach more pirates will show up. They should be quite easy to take out.

If at any point you are taking too much damage, you can always warp off, repair, and return.

Finally, target the narcotics warehouse and blow it to shreds, mission complete(Note: don’t take any of the drugs that dropped, they will negatively impact your standings if you get cargo scanned by NPCs).

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OBJECTIVE: Find the pirate NPC and take him out, once and for all.
GRANTED ITEM: Frigate (Gallente: Tristan, Caldari: Merlin, Amarr: Punisher, Minmatar: Rifter)
REWARD: Sharpshooter skill
BONUS REWARD: 148000 credits

MISSION DETAILS: Upon accepting this mission you will receive a brand new frigate. In the case of the Amarr and Minmatar, just repackage the old one, and fit the new one up with the modules you had on the old one. Gallente and Caldari don’t have the modules to properly outfit their new vessel, so just use the one you are currently using, it should work fine.

If you have the skills to fit an afterburner, do so. It will make the final pocket easier.

This mission will take you to a different system so you’ll need to set your destination to the target system. You can do so by clicking “set destination” on the encounter location while in space (Agent tab at the top left), or by right clicking the journal entry. Also click the autopilot settings, and set your route for safest(it should be safest by default, but it never hurts to double check).

When you come in the first deadspace area there are a couple of pirates around, by now you should know the drill, grab your gun and annihilate them. Once the reinforcements come in, clear them out as well, then move on to the gate.

The second pocket will be much like the first. Once done move to the final one.

The final pocket should contain a few enemies, and among those a stolen navy ship. There will also be a stasis tower slowing you down.
You can either go for the stasis tower first, or try and take the enemy ships down first. I personally prefer to take the stasis tower down first so it allows me to be more mobile.
Regardless of your choice, if you managed to fit that afterburner, now is the time to activate it, orbit whatever you target and try to outrun some of the damage, the shield booster or armor repairer you’ve fitted should be pulsed to repair any damage you might take.

Once the stasis tower goes down your target NPC will spawn in  a pod, shoot him down, if there are any other enemy ships left, shoot those as well. Once you are done, head back to your agent. You can again use the Agent tab in space, or just use the journal.

That’s it, career military complete.
I hope you find this helpful.
Eliniale (CO.RE) out

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