Docking permission requested 1: Getting started with Eve Online

Getting started with Eve Online:


Assuming you don’t already have an account you can get a 14 day trial by clicking here:



This guide will try to cover the first few steps in Eve as best as possible, from character creation to your first splash combat. You can also check out the video tutorial posted at the end of this article.

The first thing you need to do when logging in for the first time is create a new character. For this you have four nationalities to choose from, which are as follows:

Amarr Empire: The largest of all nations, the Amarr are a very religious people, devoted to their god. They hold slaves, and see this as their divine right. The Minmatar race was originally enslaved by them, yet with the aid of the Gallente, many Minmatar managed to break free of the Empire. While the Amarr are capable of immense cruelty, they are also capable of remarkable feats of self-sacrifice.

Caldari State: A hypercaptalist nation headed by megacorporations, in the State, politics and economics are essentially the same thing. Every citizen works for one of the megacorporations, and there is no greater dishonor than being unemployed. While all megacorporations are fiercely competitive, they are quick to unite when the defense of the State is required.

Gallente Federation: The only true democracy of New Eden, the Gallente Federation is comprised of many ethnicities and races. The Gallente Federation is the only nation where pauper can become prince in the blink of an eye. But you won’t ever be the only pauper looking to become a prince. The hyper-liberal ways of the Federation also lead to many abuses of fame, power and influence by those who have them. In many ways, the Federation is the most hedonistic of all empires.

Minmatar Republic: The Minmatar Republic is a tribal culture; while there are seven Minmatar tribes, only five make up the Republic. As only recently the Minmatar have been able to fight themselves free of Amarr enslavement, they are still a relatively small and young nation. Currently only one third of all Minmatar live in the Republic, as most of their brethren are still enslaved by the Amarr. Consequently, the Minmatar are trying to free their lost kin one way or another.

Important note! Choosing a race does not limit what skills your can train, nor what ships and equipment you can eventually use. You should choose a race for their ideology and aesthetic.
The choice of race only impacts the starter skills, and the character portrait you end up with.

If you wish for more info on how to create a character, you can check the video I linked here:

As soon as you’ve created a character, you will log into the game, and appear in station.

The first thing you have to do straightaway is to activate the Training Queue. You can do this by going to the Character Sheet (Pro tip: Alt+A), and pressing the “Open Training Queue” button, or by pressing the bar below the character portrait (at the very top left of the screen(Pro tip: Alt+X)). Drag some skills into the Queue, I recommend Gunnery, Engineering or the Frigate skill that you find in there, and once it’s filled for at least 24 hours, hit the “apply” button.

Where training is concerned, we will go more in depth later, but right now you can close the Training Queue.

So, at this moment you will have 10.000 ISK in your wallet (which is about enough to buy some one hundred units of small ammo), a capsule and nothing else; no ships, no assets.
Aura, the tutorial, will also start talking to you. Read what she has to say and press “next.” After a few steps, she will tell you to open the Agents tab in the station, and talk to (click on) the instance of herself that is listed there.

(the Agents tab can be found on the station window, below the station services there are 3 tabs: Visitors, Agents and Offices. Obviously you’ll need the middle one).

Read the mission description and press “accept”. Now press the big shiny yellow arrows to undock from station.
Congratulations, you are now in space!
There’s also a bunch of windows that’ll have opened up, and a HUD to show you a lot of info on your ship.
Below is an image that will list most aspects of the screen.

The Selected Item window shows you what you currently have selected; if the selected item is also targeted, any module with an external effect you activate will be affecting this entity.
Shield, armor and hull is the HP of you ship, you can fly around with zero shield and/or armor, but when the hull hits zero, you will blow up.

Capacitor is the powerpool of your ship, essentially acting as a buffer for your reactor that will constantly be trying to replenish the capacitor, any module that requires power will be draining the capacitor when said module is activated.

EVE screenThere are also a couple of buttons on the left side of the ship HUD. Clicking the container item will open the ship’s cargo hold, useful for cargo operations in space. Clicking the geometric icon will open the sensor overlay, this is a convenient tool for determining distance to multiple other objects, and for checking the effective ranges on weapon systems (mousing over a weapon with the overlay active will highlight the weapon’s range).

Finally, at the top left there are 3 symbols: a sun, an “A” and a guy with a hat. These are Solar System info, Autopilot and Agent info respectively.
The Solar System info gives all the info you might need on your current location: nearest celestial object, solar system, constellation, region, etc.
The Autopilot info will allow you to adjust the autopilot settings and view the destination, route and waypoints you have currently set.
The Agent info will list any open agent missions, the home base of said agent, and the location of the objective.

In this particular instance you may want to click the “warp to encounter” button listed under the Agent section. Alternatively you can right click on empty space, scroll down to “agent mission,” mouse over it, and then click the “warp to encounter” button you find there.

Once you arrive you will find a Velator at the location; holding left mouse button over this vessel will call up the contextual menu, releasing the LMB over the board icon will board the ship. You can also right click the ship to select “board,” or you can select “board” in the Selected Items window. Generally you can use any of these 3 methods for operations such as opening container, warping, docking, targeting, approaching, orbiting and keeping at range. Find the one that best suits you and run with that.

Once you have boarded the Velator, you need to activate an acceleration gate that is close to you. This will make you warp to a nearby location. At this location you will find a container, open the container via any of the previously described methods (note you will have to be within 2500 meters of the container before you can open it). Take the item from the container and drag it into your cargo hold.

Now warp back to the agent homebase and dock, remember you can find it under the Agents section at the top left, or you can right click on empty space and scroll down.

Once you have docked, talk to the agent Aura, and complete the mission. Normally you should have received a skill book. Open the Item window, right click the skill book, and select “inject skill.” Next open the Training Queue as before, then go to the Mechanics or Engineering subsection, depending if you got a shield boosting skill book or an armor repair systems skill book. Drag that skill to the top of the Queue, and drag it once more after the first. Then hit “apply,” this skill will now train for two levels before you will train the skill after the second entry.

Next up, open the tutorialized version of Aura again and keep reading until she tells you to do an additional mission. If you did everything well (read: if you clicked “next” enough), you will have received a weapon and a civilian armor repairer or shield booster depending on your race. Open the Fittings menu by clicking it in the Station Services (Pro tip: Alt+f) and equip both items. Now accept the mission and fly to the mission location in the same manner you did before.
Also keep clicking “next” on the tutorial until you notice some ammo in the cargohold, then drag-drop this ammo onto the gun; it should now load the charges.
In the first pocket there is a fuel silo, Aura tells you to target it and blow it up. You can target by holding the keys “LMB” down and releasing over target, selecting the item and clicking “Target” in the Selected Item window or right clicking the target and selecting” Target (Pro tip: Ctrl+LMBclick on the target)”.

As soon as the silo is targeted, activate the weapon module by clicking on it. (Pro tip: F1) The weapon will now fire a couple of times, after which the silo will blow up. This will cause you to take some damage. Activate the shield booster or armor repairer to patch your ship up. (Pro tip: Alt+F1 for shield booster, Ctrl+F1 for armor repairer). As soon as you are fully repaired, deactivate the module by clicking it again.
Take the acceleration gate to the next pocket. There will be a single NPC ship here, it will carry a small red cross icon. Lock it and engage it.
For bonus points: set your ship to orbit the enemy at 2500 meters. The reason orbiting is a good idea is because it makes it harder for the enemy to hit you, while you keep the enemy at your optimal range. Once the enemy goes down, a new one will show up; dispatch it in the same manner you did the first one.
The mission should now read as “Complete,” so return to your agent and hand in the mission.

That’s it for your first steps into Eve. If you’re with me this far, you are doing great already.

Until next time, fly safe.
Eliniale (CO.RE), out.


If you are more into video tutorials, this link covers the same things the article does:

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