Adventures of an Eve Scrub 3 : POS Bash

 Let me begin this article with the fact that my journalistic commitment has genuinely harmed my employment chances. Due to my last article about Awoxing, I had roughly fifteen other corporations take a look at me, and do a quick Google search before snorting derisively and told me to go packing. So I hope you enjoyed the tales of Mai Kulan’air and his unfortunate deeds, he swears, the missiles just fired themselves. However, luckily Wormbros were nice enough to look past that, although I think I’ve caused the CEO of one of our fellow corp mates no end of grief. His corp is one of the ones that helps us Wormbros out to save us from our tenancies to try to inspect the inside of a hybrid cannon with our heads. He personally set up our Player Owned Station (POS) for us and I’d hate to be the corp that tries to evict us, I’m sure with enough people and time they could do it, but this is a man who defended his own player-owned station for twenty-three hours, just putting guns online as they were destroyed and when that finally broke down, he put online every hardener his base had. Ocularis Inferno threw their hands up and invited him to the corp, because what else can you do with someone like that? Poor guy took one look at my article and has spent the rest of the time I’ve been online with one hand on the Wormbro’s POS self destruct button waiting for stuff to start disappearing. (I don’t actually know if POSes have that, but it sounds awesome).


Other than that unfortunate misunderstanding, I am having the most fun I’ve ever had as a Capsuleer in Eve Online. Wormhole space is absolutely amazing. There’s something wonderfully adventurous about waking up in the morning and being thirty jumps from where you started last night. It can be a nightmare for the logistics of moving your assets and ships all into one space, and I’d genuinely not get attached to any single ship because you will more than likely have to sell off a good number of them simply because you don’t want to move them around. It’s also important to note that while you can start playing in a wormhole from your first day, it does make life easier to have some skills. If you’re just starting out in Eve, however, and you want to try things out, don’t hesitate! One of our corp members got picked up on his fourth day of playing the game. He grabbed a catalyst and a scanner before jumping into the first wormhole he could find. There, he was found by Wormbros before he could get himself blown up. They were on their way to a POS bash, destroying a player owned station, and they didn’t have a spotter for the wormhole, basically eyes on the hole to make sure nobody was coming through. There’s always a job for people in Wormhole space, it may not be the most glamorous job, you might end up being at the bottom of a kill mail ( ) but for some inexplicable reason, it’s intensely fun.

I’m currently part of an alliance that has a Class 5 wormhole and a Class 2, we’re not small, but we certainly aren’t huge by any measure. Living in a wormhole often feels like being a medium sized fish in a large pond, we get to eat plenty of smaller fish, we scrape up on fish our size, and every once in a while we get dropped on by some bigger fish. You never know what’s going to come down through that hole and only a huge amount of preparation and constant vigilance keeps you from getting yourself blown out of the water on a daily basis. Which of course, is how in my first week of being a Wormbro, I instigated a small scuffle with some poor Class 1 corp who had set up shop less than a week before. Their C1 had come up against our C2, we went to investigate and only found a few players on a small Minmatar POS, we didn’t  originally plan on evicting them, instead we simply challenged them to a fight. They refused to even leave their shields. After warning them that if they didn’t at least do a one-on-one duel, we’d be forced to remove them from Wormhole space, as they were obviously unsuited for living here. They told us to go ahead and try.


So, of course, we did. In the first night we had our own POS set up, incapacitated all their guns and put the tower into reinforced. Despite having goaded everyone into pushing these guys off the map, my low skills and failure to understand just how much ammo I was going to need ended up in me having to run out for hybrid charges for the Thorax I was currently flying. Of course, because I’m the Awoxer, I was about halfway through my run in high security when Mumble barked out a warning of pilots coming through the hole, including two Proteus. We were right in the middle of taking the guns out on the POS, having only one left and barely had time to warp out, even still we ended up losing our scout’s drake ( ) before we got to safety. Apparently, these guys had been on a roam and come across us, we’d been in a scuffle with them a few weeks before and inflicted some pretty heavy losses so they were looking to even the score. They ended up having to be satisfied with the Drake though, we didn’t have ships that could stand a chance against them and they hadn’t brought the ships to blast a POS. After some quick talking, they even agreed to knock down that last gun for us before they warped out, thankfully closing the low security entrance after them. Now, when I say “we,” I mean my corp. Personally, I was sitting Rens grabbing as much ammo as I could fit into a Thorax. This, coupled with my article and the fact that I was pushing for this POS bash the entire time meant that now I got to rename my ship to “Awox Instigator.” I got back when the POS was at about 50% shields and got to join in on the fun. Not before giving everyone a heart attack first by forgetting to announce I was coming into the portal, our scout was especially jumpy after we got pounced on by the Proteus’s and I wasn’t paying attention, so I was ready to blow up anything near me, thinking we were under attack before I remembered that it was me setting off the alarms. Needless to say, there were possibly a few ruffled feathers on the matter. It’s entirely possible that the next time I forget to announce coming through the hole, my corp mates are going to blow me up just out of principle.

So after exercising everyone’s heart a little more than was probably healthy, we went back to the POS. After another forty-five minutes it went down fairly quickly. At the time of writing this article, the thing still has one day and six hours before it comes out of reinforced, but we’re already rallying even more forces while we jump on anything unfortunate enough to come through the C1’s low sec entrance. It’s entirely too much fun. As to my new corp-mates I’m definitely, for sure, absolutely not going to blow up your ships or steal your stuff or lead you into a trap. Probably. Maybe.

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