Odyssey 1.1 Speculation

So you are sitting on some idle cash and want to make some extra ISK while you get ready for CCP’s latest expansion, Odyssey 1.1. The question is: Where should you invest your isk to make the most of it. As always there are clear indicators of when and where to place your ISK to make the most of it.

As you are all undoubtedly aware CCP has been balancing all the ships in Eve-Online and this latest patch focuses on the hulls for: Industrial ships, Command ships, and Heavy Assault Cruisers. Before you all take off to invest in any of these I would discourage you from doing so. Over a month ago I posted the problems with investing in T2 ship hulls. There have been some changes since I made that post however, we know they are going to be re-doing all T2 hulls and that Marauder’s are next on CCP’s to-do list. However, those factors alone do not change much in my initial analysis of investing in T2 ships. Remember there are key times to invest in speculation trade and if you are not already invested I wouldn’t  put money into either of these T2 ship hulls. If you have invested I would cash out now as long as you made some profit on it. I will point out that some command ships have risen in price since the initial announcement but most have returned to their normal value. Additionally since Marauders were announced to be changed next their prices also spiked but are already beginning to fall and will return to normal in a few days.


The initial price spike of the Paladin after Marauders were announced to be balanced.

I will say that as T2 ship hulls get rebalanced there is going to be a very short possibility to make money off the initial price hike from the announcement of the changes to that hull. However, players need to be cautious when investing in these T2 hulls because they are expensive and the only way to make a profit is to sell to the initial flood of amateur investors. If they are unable to sell the ships in the initial wave then they will most likely lose money, and that wave only lasts a few days. Due to the  low trading numbers of T2 hulls players will be unable to sell them fast enough for this to be a good investment choice. Additionally players will have to sit on a large investment for  an unknown period of time.

For example X ship might be balanced soon*TM but it costs 200million ISK and when it changes in four months it only nets a 40million ISK profit. Doesn’t sound to bad right? Well considering you wouldn’t be able to sell more than 5 a day because of the low trade volume you’d be looking at a 400million ISK profit over two days and an initial investment of 2Billion ISK. You wouldn’t be making 400m ISK in two days, technically you’d be making it over four months which works to 100million ISK a month, and I assure you there are better investments out there.

Industrials, if we can be honest have almost no investment potential. They are T1 hulls and can be easily manufactured and produced in the thousands, and their resource cost is the same. So no matter how good they become there will never be a demand for more of them. While it is possible that the initial demand will be great enough to warrant a note here it is highly unlikely due to the large number currently floating around in hangers.

There are still plenty of  good investment choices that players can make for long term investments.  Armageddons are currently down to about 105million  ISK and are projected to be near 200million once the oversupply is gone. How long will it take to  clear the oversupply of any of those battleships is anyone’s guess but it is as close to a sure thing as you can have in Eve. For short term investments I wouldn’t bother trying to make 30million ISK profit on each T2 ship you turn over, rather I would start day trading because you will make more ISK that way and it will be more forgiving if you mess it up.

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