Monthly Archives: August 2013

One of the first things that I ever realized about Eve Online is that I am terrible at it. I get blown up probably once every few days. Sometimes by carelessly wandering into an NPC encounter I can’t hope to win, sometimes by trying to transport expensive mining materials through Low-sec. The best part of it all? I absolutely love being bad at this game. I’ve had more fun being bad at this game than I have being good at almost anything I can think of. Eve is challenging, evolving, and a rush. I’ve only been playing two months at this point and already the girlfriend is sick of hearing about it and my mind is preoccupied with visions of universal domination.

PleximgPlex or Pilot’s License Extension allows players in game to buy game time with ISK, and players who have real money to buy ISK in game. This system benefits all parties by providing money to CCP and ISK or game time to players. For years now, I have seen players asking the time-old question: Is Plex the gold market of New Eden?

Corpse collecting, sure it is a little odd but that shouldn’t be all too surprising in Eve Online. Now corpses don’t have any real value, they cannot be refined or salvaged for implants, but collectors are still going crazy for them. Players are always trying to find ways to make money and fame off of anything and the corpse market is just another way to do just that.

UPDATE: There were more games added to the bundle.

For anyone who doesn´t know what the humblebundle is. It is a Bundle containing carious games for which you can pay whatever you want to get them. Mostly the games are DRM-Free but you get a Steam-Key as well, if you pay 1$ or more. Further, if you pay more than the average Price (which is often at about 5-6$) you get more games + their Steam/Desura Keys).

The proceeds go to charity organisations like “Childs Play Charity” or the American Red Cross. You can decide how you split your payment. Mostly, the humblebudles feature Indie Games, but this time it contains many, very good, games by Deep Silver.