Wildstar Will Require a Subscription

With so many MMO’s choosing to go to free-to-play it is surprising that the Sci-fi MMO Wildstar will be choosing a subscription model for their players.  Players will expect to pay $14.99 for each month unless they pay for a 3, 6, or 12 month plan which reduces the monthly cost. However Carbine Studios is also taking a page out of Eve Online’s subscription plan. They are going to allow Certificates of Research, Exploration, Destruction, and Development or CREDD to be purchased for real money and then sold in game. This is exactly what Eve Online does with Pilot’s License EXtension or PLEX for their players as well. This method lets players who become wealthy in the game to essentially play for free with gold, and it allows players who don’t have much free time to purchase in game gold legitimately.

One of my personal concerns is that because there is not one server like Eve Online, Wildstar might have a large variation on what a CREDD is worth in-game across different servers. For example it might be worth 50 gold on server X and 5000 on server Y, however the 30 days of time is available on all servers. The one upside is it might encourage players to join other servers but then those players cannot really join an established MMO organization. With any luck this won’t be an issue as hopefully Carbine Studios will monitor their servers populations carefully.

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