New Humblebundle is out (Humble Origin Bundle)!!!

Like the headline says, THE NEW HUMBLEBUNDLE IS OUT!!!

This time with some awesome games by EA.

For everyone, who doesnt know about the humblebundle:

It is a Bundle containing various games for which you can pay whatever you want to get them. Mostly the games are DRM-Free but you get a Steam-Key as well, if you pay 1$ or more. Further, if you pay more than the average Price (which is often at about 5-6$) you get more games + their Steam/Desura Keys).

The proceeds go to charity organizations like “Childs Play Charity” or the American Red Cross. You can decide how you split your payment. Mostly, the humblebudles feature Indie Games, but this time it contains many, very good, games by EA. This time you need a Origin account + the Origin software installed to play all the games, but there are steam Keys for some of the games included.

The Bundle contains:

Dead Space 1

Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box

Crysis 2: Maximum Edition

Mirrors Edge

Dead Space 3

Medal of Honor 2011 (I guess)

If you pay more than the average you get:

Battlefield 3

The Sims 3 + Starter Pack

I already bought this bundle already and I’m really satisfied with it. Especially I like… Well, I like every single one of the games. They are so much fun, maybe except for the new Medal of Honor.

I love the idea that you can decide what you pay and how are going to split it between the developers, charity or the humblebundle organizers.

Here´s the link to the website:

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