Goonswarm’s Rental Problems

Goonswarm has announced their intention to rent their available space to other corporations in order to make more ISK.  With the war in Fountain and Delve winding down, this is not really that surprising. Wars cost money and, as valuable as those regions are, they can be worth even more if they are rented out. It appears that GSF just realized how much ISK was made from renting space and want their piece of the pie as well. However Goonswarm face a host of challenges from renting their space out to the highest bidder.

The biggest problem they face is that they are Goons and most alliances, corporations, people, and dogs don’t trust the goons with anything, let alone money to rent space. Most of the members in Goonswarm don’t even like the idea of renting. GSF has always stated that renters are the scum of the earth. In the past few years the Goons have scammed hundreds of corporations that paid money to rent only to be killed when they arrive and not allowed in the space they paid for. This has been an accepted practice among Goonswarm and unfortunately it will lead them to struggle for renters. Most of those corporations will never trust them again and when new ones come up and ask who to rent from, GSF will not be at the top of the list. They did state that there will be no more scamming of rental agreements and that other scamming was still accepted. I would hope that those members wouldn’t act out and attack or scam renters, though I am sure they will. Most of them enjoy the mischief and headaches they give to other players; it is unlikely that it will stop because their policy changed.

There is no motivation for a renter to pick the Goons space, either. While details of the rental agreement are not yet complete, we know that they don’t allow renters to fly anywhere but their rented space, have no docking rights, and have no Jump-Bridge rights. This means renters are forced to bring out everything they need with no help from their landlords. Some of these rules are not unfamiliar in the renting world, but the issue is that there is no incentive for renters to go to that space in the first place, when there are better rental agreements almost anywhere else and they won’t have to trust a known scamming group. If the Goons are able to have lower rental rates, their program might be successful, but it will still take time for players to trust them again.

I am not saying that Goonswarm will be unable to rent their space, they will find renters, but it will take them many months or years before players are willing to take that first step. Goonswarm does actually have a few things going for their rental program. They have some of the biggest influence in the game, and that will be valuable to corporations. It could make a rental corporation less likely to be harassed. If they want this program to succeed then they really have to offer new renters something that will entice them to stay and be willing to gamble their money and lives on.

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