The Market You Didn’t Know Existed

Corpse collecting, sure it is a little odd but that shouldn’t be all too surprising in Eve Online. Now corpses don’t have any real value, they cannot be refined or salvaged for implants, but collectors are still going crazy for them. Players are always trying to find ways to make money and fame off of anything and the corpse market is just another way to do just that.

Corpse floating 2I can see why players collect their own kills as trophies but why collect players’ corpses who did not die by your heroic action? Like most things in life competition mostly drives this market. Players do actively compete to see who has the most corpses regardless of whether or not they killed the pilot in question. This might have stemmed from years pasts when players created graveyards for thousands of corpses. I also suspect that most collectors do it for the reason that it is one of the few items that can be collected and still be unique. Sure stamp collecting is “fun” in the real world, but in eve there aren’t many items that a player can collect and have a variety of. I suppose someone could collect 100 of every shield booster available, but even then there is a small variety of those items.

With all of the battles taking place in Eve Online and thousands of players dying it shouldn’t be a surprise that this market exists. Obviously it doesn’t make sense to loot a battlefield for these corpses as the modules generally have a higher value associated with them. However for a new player wondering the universe he might run into hundreds of corpses within his first few months in eve, and why not make a few extra million because every penny counts when you are first starting off.

I know some of you are wondering what one can expect to get for these unique items. Well quite honestly there are variables but generally 750k-1million each should be expected. You can only find corpses in the contracts window as they have specific names and are unable to be sold directly on the market. In my own experience the larger the collection sold the more isk per corpse is obtained. I have seen 1,000 corpses sell for 1billion to 1.4billion isk, which is 1million or 1.4 million a corpse. I also know that female corpses tend to have a higher value although they don’t really differ from your standard dead male corpse. I suppose the reasoning behind the higher price is due to the fact that there are fewer female characters in game. Now it might be tempting to suicide a pilot over and over for tons of corpses, but it will be difficult to sell those corpses as they will have the same name and while that is not always a factor it is generally frowned upon by collectors.

Corpse floatingAll corpse collectors have to accept the fact that corpses will usually be your average Joe in Eve and have a standard value. On occasion you might see a CCP or alliance leader’s corpse that goes up for auction and can fetch a very high price. CCP named corpses are highly collectable because there will always be so few of them available as they don’t come out to play often. However named alliance leaders or known players of interest are usually just flavor of the month and will not be worth investing more than a standard corpse because they can easily be forgotten to the player base, unless of course they hold a special meaning to you.

I would lie and tell you that I think corpse collecting is silly and a waste of time, but I have well over 4,000 of them lying in my cargo hold. Now I never bothered to buy any of them because I can’t justify the price players are asking and know where to look for them in the Eve Universe. I also know that there are several collectors who have thousands more than me and I suspect that is just the start.

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