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Today SOE launched its newest update for Planetside 2. To save you some time the major changes are listed below if you want to see all the changes they are located on the Planetside 2 forums .

  • There is a longer period inbetween alerts. They also stated that they changed the population requirements that cause these to launch. (This could be a problem because many servers have a severe overpopulation of one faction which means either there will still be tons of alerts or none at all.)

Why do small corporations war-dec other corporations? Well I wish I could say that wars happened between two entities that hate each other but generally the wars that do occur are from a greifing corporation just to have fun and get a better killboard. This is one of the things that makes eve-online great but the true reason these wars happen could be deeper than you think.

Esamir is a beautiful snow continent that has frozen rivers and very little cover for vehicles and infantry moving below. There are a few things that players need to know about Esamir if they truly want to become killing machines.


Territory Control If your faction is able to control 75% of the territory on Esamir the continent will become yours until you have less than 15% territory left. When you capture Esamir you will get a 10% discount on all armor purchases which include tanks and AMS’. You are able to see how close you are to taking or losing a continent by looking on the map at the territory control graph: there are bars that show how far you are from gaining or losing the benefit. Players might debate how much resources matter but because AMS’ are key to taking a territory this is one of the most important benefits players can get.

Is the lattice system in Planetside 2 bad? This has been a fiery debate between the players for several months now and it still doesn’t have a clear answer. I will discuss improvements that can be made to both systems to make them better as well as why the lattice is not a good thing for planetside.

SOE has released a special limited edition pistol that shoots fireworks. Players of course have already started whining about the damage, and cost associate with this item. When shot the round bounces and produces a random firework display of which there are several.

NC patriot Flare GunWhile the damage the weapon does is questionable there are a few important pieces of information in that regard. First the weapon only does damage upon initial impact of a target, the round does bounce but does not do any more damage past the initial point of contact. This also means that the fireworks themselves don’t do additional area damage though I think it would be awesome and spammy. I have yet to see if it causes a terrible amount of lag if players everywhere are using it, but it did just enter the game.

Earlier today Ubisoft announced that one of its websites was hacked which lead to unauthorized access of account names, passwords, and email addresses. Apparently the hack was due to stolen employee credentials to get into the online network. The company stated that no financial information was obtained because it was not stored on their servers. The hackers did not get into Uplay either so that information is still safe. We are still unaware of how many accounts were accessed but with a major company like Ubisoft it is sure to be a lot.

That’s right CCP just hired Sean Decker as their senior VP of product development he was previously with EA as their VP of the group “play4free”. The forums for eve-online are already alive with rage as players assume that this is the start of a bad road for CCP. As you are all likely aware EA gained a reputation for nickel-and-dimming every customer at any possible moment they can. Not to mention their poor implementation of recent games and how poorly they treat their customers. I hope that he is ex-VP for a good reason such as “EA has a terrible marketing plan” though as VP I don’t even know if that would be a valid excuse. The only thing that is sure at this moment is that Decker will have to prove himself to the eve community quickly because if he doesn’t they will chew him up and spit him out in three months. I think it is too early to tell if this will be a poor choice for CCP games or not, but if Hilmar himself was not able to get his way with the Micro-transactions when Incarna was released I doubt this guy would stand a chance. So relax, and lets see what happens we can always riot again

Looks like SOE might actually do something useful for once.I will post the most notable changes below. AA rockets now must be constantly maintained during flight of the rocket, and while this is a bad idea the rockets themselves will travel faster. The lifespan of a rocket will be roughly half of what it currently is and the lock on times are reduced the closer to the target you are. These changes will suit different playstyles whether or not you are 300m away or flying in someones jetfumes these changes are attempting to encourage more close combat in the air, it actually seems like a good idea.

The Stronghold is one of the best places to showcase your offensive and defensive capabilities both as a player and a leader. I am going to go into tactics that help attackers and defenders when fighting for The Stronghold. First off I will discuss attacking the Stronghold then defending it, players should read both so they have an idea of how to counter the other.