Summer Games Done Quick 2013 started


Like the title already say, Summer Games Done Quick (SGDQ) 2013 started.

Anyone who doesn´t know SGDQ:

Summer Games Done Quick is a speedrunning marathon, where speedrunners run many really good games and collect donations for charity organisations. It is hosted by in coorporation with This time the money goes to the “Doctors without Borders”- Foundation, which help to spread medical care all over the world and help persons, who cant effort medical health care.

Speedrunning means, that you try to beat a game as fast as possible, mostly with glitches that weren´t removed from the game. The marathon is going on until the 29.07.2013. Mostly older games are played in Speedrunning but there are some of the newer games in, like Dark Souls.

I love those donation-marathons. I always wonder how games i already played can be beaten so fast. Also i like the good cause they´re supporting by collecting donations for charity organisations.

You find the game schedule here:

and the link to the Live-Stream here:

I hope you enjoy the marathon as much as i do so far.

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