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So CCP is done balancing all T1 ships and we have seen some crazy price changes because of the adjustments in mineral cost and demand of the ships. Do you think it is over? I certainly don’t. We know that CCP is working on balancing Command Ships and fixing medium long range guns but we don’t know what they are going to be balancing after that. If we could answer that question there would be a huge potential for isk to be made on the market.

The question is: What will they be working on next? I don’t really know the answer but I would almost bet that Marauders, Black Ops, and Interdictors are high up on the list to be upgraded. Even if they are redoing every T2 ship at once these ships should benefit the most because they are some of the most underused T2 ships available. Odds are that these ships will go up in demand once they get a needed overhaul and that will cause their prices to rise substantially at least at first. With that being said I don’t expect to see them doubling in price unless they increased the resource costs which is unlikely for these already expensive ships.

Before anyone starts buying out the market there are some important things to note:

  1. We don’t know if every T2 ship is being re-done yet, we know Command Ships are being worked on, and I suspect that if another T2 ship gets balanced that all of them will.
  2. There are no release dates -While most players missed the announcement of Command Ship changes the market has not exploded from these announcements yet. This is partially because the patch doesn’t even have a date yet and buying now when little information is known is not the best cause of action.
  3. Cost – Prices are high with T2 ships which means there is potentially less profit overall because the investment cost is huge.
  4. Choice -There are better investments currently in the speculation market such as the Armageddon’s that should still rise another 70m+ each.

All of these reasons lead to one conclusion the risk to too high to attempt to speculate in this market currently.

We know that CCP is trying to do a complete overhaul of every ship and module in the game to make Eve a better world. There really isn’t a problem with an overhaul but it will have HUGE market implications. We already know that they have redone all T1 sub-cap ships and in some of the ships the price skyrocketed, and we know they are working on T2 Command ships (talked about during the Alliance Tournament).

From a market perspective the T1 ships went up in price for two reasons:

  1. Mineral cost for manufacturing was increased in some cases – This is where most of the increased cost of ships came from and where most profit was made
  2. Ships became more useful and viable for combat – This increase was initial and after a few weeks or months prices dropped to normal unless #1 was in effect. I will admit that some ships lost value and therefore went down in price because the ships became less useful.

If you are wondering whether or not I have invested into T2 ships the answer is no. A diverse portfolio is a good practice to have but I am not investing into other T2 ships because I don’t even know if they are re-doing all T2 ships, and even if they were I wouldn’t expect to see those changes for at least 6 months from now. Without knowing what ships will get better or which will get worse it is a high risk investment.  Theoretically I could suggest that the Claymore will get a buff because it is the least used Minmatar Command Ship, but there is no evidence to support that they will be buffing just one and not the other.

The bottom line is that there is not enough information to begin investing in T2 ships for a speculation trade yet. Once there is information available the only profit to be made will likely be made in the initial push to buy them because without an increase mineral cost the ships value of is determined by players who are trying to turn them over for a profit. It will essentially create a bubble where everyone thinks the ships are worth something until it pops and players will lose out on billions.

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