Odyssey Speculation Update – Eve-online

Two months after Odyssey Where are the markets?

Well it’s been two months and how have some of the investments I mentioned earlier done? Well it has been a rather slow start, but quicker than I initially predicted. Though I still think it might be a year before these ships gain their full market value.


Armageddon-100m Now-133m=33% Profit

Dominix-100m Now-160m=60% Profit

Typhoon-105m Now-135m=29% Profit

I am still investing in the Armageddon’s because there is still plenty of room for profit, but the market is up and down daily so it can be a bit risky. The Dominix rush is pretty much over if you aren’t in now I don’t know that it’s worth your money or time. Both of these ships should end up around 200m each (after 180m it will start to level out), but if that remains true the Armageddon would be a better investment. I suspect that the Dominix has grown in price due to the buff it got and the high use that it is seeing in null-sec during the Fountain War, and the Armageddon doesn’t have that demand yet.

I didn’t mention all of the potential investment opportunities but there were a few others I ventured into, generally being more diverse is a good practice to have when speculating.

Here are some of the other items I invested into:

  • FICBurned Logic Circuit-30,000 Now-46,000=53% Profit
  • Fried Interface Circuit-4,000 Now-5,400=35% Profit
  • Tripped Power Circuit-140,000 Now-146,000= 4% Profit

All of these items were going to be needed to make capital ship rigs, and even though there might not be any demand at first the manufactures will still produce them to be ready. I was a little late getting on the TPC’s but profit is profit. BLC are currently selling for around 38-39k, but the market keeps reaching to 46k which is what I sell mine at, so profit might be a bit lower. The market for these items is gone as well I would not invest anymore and sell any you have now, prices will eventually fall once supply matches demand. All profits factor in the Tax % as well, which is why some are slightly different than previous/current market value.

Realistically a day trader or a trade even could make better return on their money over these two months. It is very easy to turn 100m into 200m within a month which is a higher profit %. However for players who don’t have the time to manage trades or who have more isk than they can turn over this was the perfect investment and even if you got on it a bit late you should still expect to see some really decent returns.

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