GU12 Changes Announced! – PS2

Today SOE launched its newest update for Planetside 2. To save you some time the major changes are listed below if you want to see all the changes they are located on the Planetside 2 forums .

  • There is a longer period inbetween alerts. They also stated that they changed the population requirements that cause these to launch. (This could be a problem because many servers have a severe overpopulation of one faction which means either there will still be tons of alerts or none at all.)
  • More loadouts – SOE has finally given players who have membership more loadout options for each class and each vehicle. If you unsubscribe you will lose the additional loadout but they will save the fitting within so when you return the weapons will be the same.  If you are not a member don’t worry you can still purchase the slots from the store under the “Utilities” category.
  • Fury got nerfed – Direct damage reduced from 750 to 300. Also the resist type for the weapon has improved against all vehicles which does mitigate some of the reduction in damage. Reload increased .5 seconds to 3 seconds total.
  • Platoon leader can now see detailed squad information.
  • Players are given notifications when they are within the radius of a capture point but are unable to take it due to no lattice, no territory, in a max, or in a vehicle.
  • Both instant action and squad deploy now share the same timer.
  • Double clicking a loadout number for  a vehicle or equipment term will equip you or spawn the vehicle.
  • On Indar and Amerish there are Sunderer no deploy zones. These are located around facilities and outposts that prevent players from parking them right on top of the capture point. (This might be a really bad idea but we will have to wait and see how it plays over the next few weeks.)
  • Various bug fixes
  • Warpgates have been rotated counter clockwise as well.

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