Why Do Small Corporations War-dec? – Eve

Why do small corporations war-dec other corporations? Well I wish I could say that wars happened between two entities that hate each other but generally the wars that do occur are from a greifing corporation just to have fun and get a better killboard. This is one of the things that makes eve-online great but the true reason these wars happen could be deeper than you think.

War-decing is one of the primary reasons that players have alternate characters because it allows them to be virtually anonymous. This means that they can fight and go back to their high-sec life with little worry of retaliation because their targets do not know who their main characters are. In fact most players who have older accounts have been in these wars and want some revenge so they will make these alternate characters and corporations to experience what it is like from the other side of the war.

I have known many friends who have made their own corp with the sole mission of targeting miners and mission runners. This can actually serve a purpose if you are trying to corner the market or remove competition from a mission hub but it is only so effective because players will leave to NPC corporations and then there is little else they can do other than ganking to remove them. I have seen a few select corporations actually war-dec mining corporations who moved into their space so that their alternate corp can mine the resources uncontested. With the recent changes to ice fields I am surprised that this has not occurred more often around those systems.

There are some corporations who are trying to accomplish something with a war-dec besides just having fun but it is hard to accomplish goals when players can avoid war-decs fairly easily. That might be why most of these war-decs are for the purpose of having fun and picking easy fights for the aggressor.

These war-dec corporations often consider themselves mercenary groups but in reality they are not. They are simply trying to get a better killboard or kill a target for fun. There is nothing wrong with either of those things, but that alone does not make you a mercenary group. If they were a mercenary I would expect them to have goals like those listed above besides just having fun at the expense of other corporations. They should occasionally fight targets of equal strength and take contracts for fighting. I know that most of these corporations are unable to get contracts because it does take some time to get the reputation as a good reliable merc corporation. Most of the good merc corp’s are large alliances and I could count the number of them on one hand.

The problem with these war-dec corporations is that most of them are only comprised of a few members so when a defending corporation goes after them it is almost impossible to catch them because they log off. These corporations also have a disadvantage because their members are easily identified and can be tracked by watch list. If this is possible then the defending corporation will be able to know when their war targets are online and offline which makes it easier when they are moving through space.

After everything is said is there a purpose to a war-dec? Yes, but in general most of these are just targeting other corporations for fun and there isn’t anything wrong with that. If you happen to be on the receiving end of these wars just remember that you can log off or leave your corporation if you do not want to fight. Eve-online is supposed to be fun and not everyone will enjoy missioning, mining or even null-sec warfare so if war-decs are not for you just wait it out.

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