Continent Feature – Esamir – PS2

Esamir is a beautiful snow continent that has frozen rivers and very little cover for vehicles and infantry moving below. There are a few things that players need to know about Esamir if they truly want to become killing machines.


Territory Control If your faction is able to control 75% of the territory on Esamir the continent will become yours until you have less than 15% territory left. When you capture Esamir you will get a 10% discount on all armor purchases which include tanks and AMS’. You are able to see how close you are to taking or losing a continent by looking on the map at the territory control graph: there are bars that show how far you are from gaining or losing the benefit. Players might debate how much resources matter but because AMS’ are key to taking a territory this is one of the most important benefits players can get.

First and foremost players who are sensitive to lights or have migraines should be careful when playing on Esamir. The bright sun in the sky causes tons of glare off of the snow and this can cause those who are sensitive to headaches or migraines to become agitated. Secondly the night-vision scope which is very useful on every other continent is virtually useless on Esamir. With the bright light caused by the sun the night-vision scopes cannot distinguish between the ground and a player outside so I recommend any other type of scope while playing on this continent.

Players who like to run with armor should be careful when playing on Esamir. The problem is that there is little cover to hide tanks from aircraft, and other tanks can easily outflank you. There are many river beds that are completely exposed from all directions and while it makes travel from base to base easy it is often camped by lock-on rockets from the other side where the tanks are going. So using these rivers can be treacherous as players can sit on the surrounding hills and shoot rockets on any incoming armor whether they are passing by or attacking a base on the other side of the riverbed.

Air pilots should love Esamir because it has wide open skies and this allows aircraft to be a decisive factor in all warfare. Unfortunately this benefit of open spaces also works against aircraft because it is much easier to see aircraft in the distance which makes them a bigger target for AA. There are also fewer mountain ranges to use to break a missile lock-on or dodge incoming flak. Even with these factors aircraft are able to control the battle due to their ability to maneuver around the map and attack vehicles from a distance.

Esamir has three warpgates: one in the northwest, one in the northeast, and one in the southwest. As with Amerish the southern-gate has free reign over most of the southern side of the continent. As with Amerish, this is because the two warpgates in the north tend to fight more frequently due to their proximity. Each warpgate has advantages and disadvantages but southern gate has a better advantage due to the fact it is greatly separated from the other gates.


Both the northeast and southwest warpgates have frozen rivers surrounding them that distinguish them from the northwest warpgate. Here are some important factors to note with these two warpgates:

  1. There rivers that allow easy access for the defenders to move around but it should be noted that the surrounding hills can be filled with tons of infantry shooting rockets on vehicles that are down below.
  2. Once the rivers lead into mountains it creates some of the few chokepoints that exist on Esamir.
  3. The southern-gate’s riverbed also extends eastward so it makes travel easier in this area of the map.

The northwest warpgate has the rocky terrain that can be used to help defend the area but it also has some other problems:

  1.  The terrain slows vehicle movement down when not on the roads and with only two main roads traveling off-road can be useful when getting to an objective.
  2. There is still little cover from aircraft which means that slow moving armor through the hills will be easy targets for aircraft and fire from tanks.

Eisa TechplantEsamir only has one tech plant, a unique feature that adds more strategy than most players are aware of. The tech plant is Eisa and it is located in the middle of the map an equal distance away from each warpgate which makes taking it a difficult endeavor. If your faction does not hold the tech plant that means that you are unable to pull any heavy tanks (Magrider, Prowler, Vanguard) unless you pull them from your warpgate. However pulling tanks from the warpgate often is not practical because the distance tanks need to travel to get to the fight takes too long. I do not consider this an imbalance in the map , rather it makes Eisa a key point to taking the continent benefit and should be every faction’s primary goal. There are three main bases that surround Eisa Tech plant: Esamir Munitions Corp, Saerro Listening Post, and Glacier Station. These territories are where the biggest fighting occurs due to their proximity to the tech plant and how easily defensible they can be. All of these territories also are towers which makes defending slightly easier due to the elevation difference and the ability to shoot down onto opponents.

As far as balance is concerned Esamir does get some points for having a well thought out map. Generally the southern-gate has the advantage when fighting but this is just because there is not another gate nearby. I suspect in the future they will add another in the opposite corner to balance out all continents and then there would not even be a question of balance. This is a great continent to fight on but again I would recommend that players be careful with spending too much time here because it can cause some headaches due to the terrible lighting.


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