Pistol Fireworks – PS2

SOE has released a special limited edition pistol that shoots fireworks. Players of course have already started whining about the damage, and cost associate with this item. When shot the round bounces and produces a random firework display of which there are several.

NC patriot Flare GunWhile the damage the weapon does is questionable there are a few important pieces of information in that regard. First the weapon only does damage upon initial impact of a target, the round does bounce but does not do any more damage past the initial point of contact. This also means that the fireworks themselves don’t do additional area damage though I think it would be awesome and spammy. I have yet to see if it causes a terrible amount of lag if players everywhere are using it, but it did just enter the game.

SOE has confirmed that the weapon is only available for sale for a limited amount of time and will remain in the game year round. I do not think the pistol is game breaking but I do think it will be fun to play around with. Some players have already started complaining about it either being to graphically intense for computers or most notably the fact that it cost 700SC or 1000 cert points. However these players have forgotten something important, the pistol does not change game play and it’s pretty much cosmetic. I know that it does damage but it does not compare to other pistols so really you can’t say that there is an imbalance. I really do not care of SOE sells cosmetic shit left and right, usually I wouldn’t even bother buying it but I happened to have the cert points lying around. SOE needs to sell stuff to make money, it’s quite simple and if they don’t do it with useless cosmetic items then they would have to rely on subscriptions, which isn’t going well for them right now, or selling OP weapons, which they have done before. So, what does this really mean? It’s a cosmetic pistol that isn’t any better than the rest of them if anything its worse, so enjoy the 4th of July and stop whining.

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