ESF Changes – PS2

Looks like SOE might actually do something useful for once.I will post the most notable changes below. AA rockets now must be constantly maintained during flight of the rocket, and while this is a bad idea the rockets themselves will travel faster. The lifespan of a rocket will be roughly half of what it currently is and the lock on times are reduced the closer to the target you are. These changes will suit different playstyles whether or not you are 300m away or flying in someones jetfumes these changes are attempting to encourage more close combat in the air, it actually seems like a good idea.

Now the biggest cookie, you might remember when I made this post about ESF’s and bailing. Well now when dog fighting ESF’s who bail out or log off will still count as a kill or assist for the other pilot. The kill will go to the player who did the last damage, either to the pilot who bailed or his ESF. This will result in hilarity when you shoot a player and he gets in an ESF, crashes and you get the kill.

Now onto the new weapons of which there are 3. The NS-50  Mass drivers are single shot AA rockets that has high damage to air, but can shoot ground just at a reduced damage. Corote Missiles are short range missiles that lockon to enemy aircraft quickly but only do light damage. The locus cannon is a high velocity machine gun that is much less accurate at range but able to put a lot of rounds downrange, primarily a close combat weapon, though because the gun has to spin up to fire faster it is not the best dog fighting choice. They will also be balancing all of the standard and rotary cannons.

The rest of the changes can be found Here

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