Battle Islands – Announced – PS2

 There is not much information about how the new battle island will operate though it looks like a 1v1 faction slug fest within a small area and roughly 250 total players (125 each side). It features an Ice canyon, winter trees, and large indoor battle area’s. While nothing has been set in stone it appears that these are made for competition purposes where players can show off their skills as a cohesive outfit. With a large battlefield and real teamwork it is the perfect game for making an esport and this is why Major League Gaming appeared on the PS2 scene. Don’t worry if you don’t play competitively it looks you might be able to access these islands when they are not in a match. Check it out for yourself.


The heart of this MMOFPS is the MMO, remove the it and Planetside might turn into every other shooter game out there. Does this mean that the heart of Planetside will be taken out? I sure hope it doesn’t. Personally I don’t think it will negatively impact the MMO side of the game unless they open up an unlimited amount of these islands that filter players away from the main continents. SOE is walking a fine line with this new addition and hopefully they don’t forget the game is bigger than a generic FPS and the dedicated PS2 players like it that way. I will update this post as information becomes available.

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