Prowler Certification Guide – PS2

Today I will be discussing the Prowler tank for the TR to finish my segment on basic tank certification guides. You should expect to spend over 2000 cert points for a decent Prowler fit with an additional 2200 certs for primary and secondary guns. For the other factions: NC – How to fit a Vanguard, VS – How to fit a Magrider


As standard for all tank drivers you should get level 7 acquisition timer (541 certs) this will allow you to pull your prowler ten and a half minutes faster after you lose it. The anchored mode on the prowler allows you to reload faster and have a quicker projectile speed so your rounds hit quickly after fired. When you cert level 3 (800 certs) you will have a reload speed increased by 36% and a projectile speed increased by 45%, which allows you to send more shells down range faster.

Anchored ModeTo use the anchor ability properly make sure you face the main opponents with cover either behind you, or beside you, this will allow you to secure one area around your tank so you take less damage and be harder to spot. While many Prowlers love to setup on top of a hill and fire down on a base or lone infantry man with their anchor I would recommend against it. These tanks make easy targets for aircraft which will unload their rockets into the back of the prowler and kill it before it can react. Now with the increased projectile speed it is possible to strike aircraft midair but it is difficult and often a last resort when defending yourself. If it wasn’t obvious be aware that you cannot move when anchored so as the battle shifts toward you or away from you constantly be repositioning yourself. If you kill several tanks from the same position there is no doubt that someone is coming to kill you, and it will be harder if you have relocated.

Once again the defensive armor is available for the top, side and front parts of the tank. I don’t really recommend the top armor because most decent air pilots will go after the rear of the tank especially if you are anchored and unable to move. Side armor could prove useful but I would recommend getting the front armor if you plan on setting up in anchor mode often. When you decide to setup with anchor you are able to face your target head on and therefore your tank will take fire in the front of it. I recommend you keep the front facing the enemy because it naturally has the highest armor even before the additional armor is added. As with all the heavy tanks I suggest that you get rival combat chassis level 3 (700 Certs) as it improves your turning and reversing speeds.

There are two main types of cannons available for the driver of the Prowler, one is AI and the other is AV. When fighting infantry it is best to be close to the target so you can use thermal to see them easier because it is easy to lose track of them in a base. When fighting other tanks try not to get too close because it makes you easier to be hit from the side or rear and while the same might be true of your opponent it is still too risky to attempt.

P2-120 HEThe P2-120 HE is an anti-infantry cannon that shreds infantry with ease. Getting ammo capacity level 7 (541 certs) allows you to have 35 more shells which saves you time when you are in a battle. I do highly recommend getting thermal optics for this gun because most infantry are able to hide in the hills or bases which make it hard to spot them. When you are attacking infantry you will be close enough to see them with thermal so don’t worry about the shortened range. The reload speed is not as important but it is always recommended to get at least level 2 (350 certs) which will reduce the timer by .2 seconds.


P2-120 APThe P2-120 AP is an anti-vehicle cannon that does tremendous damage to other tanks. As with the HE cannon getting level 7 ammo capacity gives you an additional 35 shells which can be important when you are engaging other tanks who want you dead as much as you want them dead. Zoom optics level 3 (201 certs) is a requirement because tank battles happen over long distances and it is critical that you fire accurately before they are able to shoot at you. In this case reload speed is important because one on one tank battles often result in whomever fires first wins, but reload speed to level 2 (350 certs) will allow you to get more shells down range faster than most opponents.

Below are the two secondary guns that I recommend for all tanks this includes the Vanguard and the Magrider as well. I have posted these weapons in each heavy tank post so this is not new information if you have seen them already. Keep in mind that a secondary gunner adds a substantial amount of firepower to a tank and saves you from spending more resources. One of the best policies is to have a driver/gunner combo and switch between the two when one tank goes down, as this allows you to constantly have a vehicle and do more damage than you would alone.

E540 Halberd

For AV formats it is hard to beat the E540 Halberd. You should get level 7 ammo capacity (541 certs) which will give you an additional 18 shells to keep your gunner firing at least as long as you are. Because this is an AV weapon I generally recommend zoom optics level 3 (201 certs) and most AV fighting happens at far ranges. Reload speed once again is important but it is not as important because with a second gunner you will be doing more damage than most other tanks on the field so level 2 (350 certs) should be sufficient. This weapon has almost no drop and is very fast firing so it can even be used to one-shot infantry in the distance.

G540-F RangerFor AA formats I recommend the G40-F Ranger because it is very beginner friendly. What I mean is that anyone can use it and be effective, if you had a great gunner the G30 Walker is a viable option, but the Ranger is easier to use. I would suggest getting level 7 ammo capacity (541 certs) as it gives your gunner another 112 rounds to shoot down enemy aircraft. For optics I recommend getting level 3 (201 certs) this gives your gunner the ability to see enemy aircraft before they are shooting at you. For the Ranger it is best to get level 3 magazine size (700 certs) as it will give your gunner an additional 9 rounds to shoot before needing to reload. It is difficult to know when you need this turret and when you don’t but if you have skyguard’s or some other form of AA generally you won’t need this turret which is why I tend to use the Halberd.


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