Magrider Cerification Guide – PS2

Today I will be posting a guide on how to cert a magrider to get the most for your cert points. Magrider owners should expect to spend around 2200 cert points to fit out a decent magrider and an additional 2200 certs for their main and secondary gun upgrades. I will note here that I recommend the same secondary guns for all tanks and therefore the information on them did not change but to save time I did re-post them below. For the other factions: NC – How to fit a Vanguard, TR – how to fit a Prowler.


As a frequent magrider user you should expect to get your acquisition timer to level 7 (541 certs) at least because it reduces the timer more than ten minutes. As with most other heavy tanks the special ability for their utility slot is the recommended choice, and in this case it is the magburner. The magburner is an afterburner for the magrider allowing it to quickly escape hostile territory. Getting the magburner to level 3 (800 certs) is expensive but it extremely useful as it will complexly regenerate every 35 seconds.

All tanks have the ability to fit various defensive abilities and for the magrider getting the side armor (100 certs) is a valid option because the sides are the biggest part of the tank and easily hit even when you are trying to dodge shots. The front armor can also be a great choice because 90% of the time you will be facing the enemy head on and not taking fire from any other direction. If you rather not have armor getting mineguard to level 4 (330 certs) is worthwhile though if you use thermal vision you can see mines in front of you before you run over them.

MagburnerThe magriders strength is its ability to dodge rounds by moving left, right, forward, back, with ease. In order to fully utilize this ability players should always have their magriders moving in different directions, never follow the same pattern because then it is easy to predict where you are going next. A moving target is much more difficult to hit then a static one and while you cannot dodge everything you will be able to run away quickly and constantly fire upon the enemies that are shooting you. Remember you never want to expose the rear of your tank to an opposing force as it will most certainly result in the death of you and your tank because you will take more damage from incoming fire. It is also important to note that the tank cannon does not move, rather the tank must move to face its target, generally this isn’t a downside to the tank because it means that the tank is always facing its opponents which makes front armor a more viable choice then with some of the other tanks.

When it comes to the performance slot the best option is the rival combat chassis because it improves the strafing speed of the magrider. With this chassis at level 3 (700 certs) you will easily be able to dodge incoming shells and move out of the way of friendly or enemy troops. The magriders strength is in its ability to move out of the way while keeping its target in its sights. This allows the driver to fight and still have a chance to dodge incoming rounds and in other tanks the movement is limited by the treads.

Once again there are two main tank cannon’s available one anti-infantry, and one anti-vehicle depending on your play style. Below are the recommendations for upgrading those cannons.

Supernova-VPCThe Supernova VPC is an anti-infantry cannon that is very effective at far ranges and even better close up. Getting an increased ammo capacity of 7 (541 certs) will give you an additional 18 shells so you will be able to stay in the battle longer. Like the other tanks I recommend getting thermal optics (200 certs) for any anti-infantry guns as shooting infantry at range is not always a viable option. Reload speed is not terribly vital but when fighting one on one it can play an important role so I would recommend getting at least level 2 reload (350 certs) as it reduces the time to reload by .2 seconds.

Supernova-FPCThe Supernova FPC is an anti-vehicle cannon that can do great damage to other tanks at far ranges. Getting an increased ammo capacity of 7 (541 certs) will give you an additional 18 shells so you will be able to stay in the battle longer and when fighting tanks this can save your life. As usual for AV tank fittings I recommend getting zoom optics to level 3 (201 certs) because tank fights happen at range and are rarely close enough to use night vision or thermal vision. Reload speed is much more important when fighting other tanks so I would recommend getting at least level 2 reload (350 certs) as it reduces the time to reload by .2 seconds and that can be crucial when fighting other tanks.

Below is a list of the two most recommended secondary guns also found with the other heavy tank guides. Gunners are important as they almost double the damage that can be dealt to your enemy without the cost of spending more resources. Make sure that you always have a gunner and when possible in your squad so you can get bonus experience.

E540 HalberdFor AV formats it is hard to beat the E540 Halberd. You should get level 7 ammo capacity (541 certs) which will give you an additional 18 shells to keep your gunner firing at least as long as you are. Because this is an AV weapon I generally recommend zoom optics level 3 (201 certs) and most AV fighting happens at far ranges. Reload speed once again is important but it is not as important because with a second gunner you will be doing more damage than most other tanks on the field so level 2 (350 certs) should be sufficient. This weapon has almost no drop and is very fast firing so it can even be used to one-shot infantry in the distance.

G540-F RangerFor AA formats I recommend the G40-F Ranger because it is very beginner friendly. What I mean is that anyone can use it and be effective, if you had a great gunner the G30 Walker is a viable option, but the Ranger is easier to use. I would suggest getting level 7 ammo capacity (541 certs) as it gives your gunner another 112 rounds to shoot down enemy aircraft. For optics I recommend getting level 3 (201 certs) this gives your gunner the ability to see enemy aircraft before they are shooting at you. For the Ranger it is best to get level 3 magazine size (700 certs) as it will give your gunner an additional 9 rounds to shoot before needing to reload. It is difficult to know when you need this turret and when you don’t but if you have skyguard’s or some other form of AA generally you won’t need this turret which is why I tend to use the Halberd.

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