Vanguard Certification Guide – PS2

I decided that I would give a general guide for empire specific tanks so today ill discuss the Vanguard for the NC. Players should expect to spend at least 2371 cert points not including another 2200 for the main cannon and secondary weapon. For the other factions: TR – How to fit a Prowler, VS – How to fit a Magrider .

   Vanguard Vanguard Shield

When it comes to the utility slot there is only one option and that is the vanguard shield. All players should get at least level 3 (800 certs) as this shield absorbs a large amount of incoming damage for 7 seconds and can be reused in 50 seconds. This ability can be used to buy your tank more time to run away and get repairs, and with tanks now costing even more resources it is important to keep it alive as long as possible. As usual I recommend getting the acquisition timer level 7 (541 certs), this will reduce your acquisition timer of the Vanguard by ten and a half minutes.

Depending on your play style will depend which type of defensive armor you prefer. When fighting tanks head on the front armor can be very useful but this will leave you exposed from the rear, and sides. If you are constantly fighting off aircraft you don’t need top armor because generally aircraft shoot the rear of the tank not the top. Side armor can be useful when you are exposed from several sides but this can be avoided if you plan ahead and use the terrain to your advantage.

If you decide not to go with armor in the defensive slot then I highly recommend getting mineguard level 4 (330 certs) as it will protect you against 3 mine’s. If you are using thermal vision then you can spot mines very easily as they glow, unfortunately the range is a bit limited so don’t go full speed. Speed is not the most important thing to have on a tank which is why I use the rival combat chassis level 3 (700 certs). The chassis gives a huge improvement to the turning of the tank and the reverse speed which is very important. Remember in a tank fight you don’t want to turn around and run because this exposes your rear, so instead use your shield to absorb damage and reverse off of the field.

When picking out a main tank cannon there are several options available depending on the job at hand.

Titan-150 HEFor attacking infantry I would recommend getting the 150mm Tital HE, this shell packs a giant punch to enemy troops and is very effective at killing from range. You should get level 7 ammo capacity (541 certs) which will give you an additional 18 shells to keep you in the fight longer. When it comes to picking the optics for the weapon it really is up to the player but I prefer thermal optics (200 certs) because it allows you to easily see enemies hiding in and around buildings and generally I only use HE when I am up close not far away. If you prefer to stay back you could always get a regular zoom, but it’s going to be difficult to see infantry from afar. When it comes to reload speed I really don’t know if it makes a terrible difference but I always recommend at least two levels (350 certs) which reduce the timer by .2 seconds.

Titan-150 APWhen it comes to fighting other tanks I recommend the 150mm Titan AP this does a substantial damage to other armor and the projectile is extremely fast making it hard for other tanks to avoid it. You should get level 7 ammo capacity (541 certs) which will give you an additional 18 shells to keep you in the fight longer. Because tank warfare is often fought in the distance I recommend getting at least 3 levels of zoom (201 certs) so that you can clearly see tanks before they can see you. Reload speed is more crucial when fighting other tanks who also deal a ton of damage and one on one it can be the deciding factor so I do suggest at least level 2 reload (350 certs) if you want level 3 it will make a difference but it is an additional 400 cert points and I don’t know if that is worth the cert points for beginners.

Often players forget or do not care that there is a secondary gunner position for their Vanguards but those gunners add a substantial value to the tanks. There are many choices for picking gunner turrets and it does depend what you fight the most often but ill list the most common (AV/AA) below. Keep in mind you can mix the secondary and primary guns to have a better variety on the field. My personal favorite is the HE with a Halberd, as it allows me to kill infantry and still take on vehicles.

E540 HalberdFor AV formats it is hard to beat the E540 Halberd. You should get level 7 ammo capacity (541 certs) which will give you an additional 18 shells to keep your gunner firing at least as long as you are. Because this is an AV weapon I generally recommend zoom optics level 3 (201 certs) and most AV fighting happens at far ranges. Reload speed once again is important but it is not as important because with a second gunner you will be doing more damage than most other tanks on the field so level 2 (350 certs) should be sufficient. This weapon has almost no drop and is very fast firing so it can even be used to one-shot infantry in the distance.

G540-F RangerFor AA formats I recommend the G40-F Ranger because it is very newb friendly. What I mean is that anyone can use it and be effective, if you had a great gunner the G30 Walker is a viable option, but the Ranger is easier to use. I would suggest getting level 7 ammo capacity (541 certs) as it gives your gunner another 112 rounds to shoot down enemy aircraft. For optics I recommend getting level 3 (201 certs) this gives your gunner the ability to see enemy aircraft before they are shooting at you. For the Ranger it is best to get level 3 magazine size (700 certs) as it will give your gunner an additional 9 rounds to shoot before needing to reload. It is difficult to know when you need this turret and when you don’t but if you have skyguard’s or some other form of AA generally you won’t need this turret which is why I tend to use the Halberd.

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