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Today I will be discussing the continent Amerish and what it is that makes it different from the other continents. Amerish is a green planet with plenty of shrubs trees and even a few streams of water. Though I wish they used more lakes and rivers to improve the beauty of the contient and give additional options for defensive and offensive attacks.


If a faction conquers Amerish the faction gets a 10% reduction in aircraft purchases. This didn’t use to be a big deal on vehicles but with the increase on vehicle resources with GU11 this might have a larger effect than it did before. I do not think that it will cause the majority of players to fight for the 10% bonus, but I do think the bonus will be worth having and it should encourage some fighting over the continent.

There are three warpgate locations one northeast, northwest and south. On Amerish the warpgate areas are slightly more balanced because the terrain isn’t that different across the continent, unlike Indar. However due to the location of the south warpgate it is the preferred option to have when playing. All of the warpgates suffer from the ability to be easily camped due to the mountainous terrain located outside of them which is a big downside especially when your empire does not have the population to combat your opponents.

The southern warpgate has the advantage on Amerish for a few reasons.

  1. The techplant (Tumas) is located right next to the gate so it is often the last base to be lost which means they can always pull tanks, and should they lose the tech plant their warpgate is right next door.
  2. There are no warpgates nearby so it takes an especially long time for the enemy to get to your territory and often the northern forces fight each other leaving the southern force to take the territory south.

The NE and NW warpgate are not terribly imbalanced with the southern gate but there are a few problems with their locations.

  1. Due to the proximity of the NE and NW gate often the two factions fight over Sungrey or NC Arsenal and never make a good push south. This leaves the Southern gate faction to take the majority of territory.
  2. Generally speaking the flow of Amerish from these gates tends to go horizontal and not vertical. It is easier to attack East and West than it is to attack the south. This is why the Southern faction tends to have the advantage on Amerish.

One of the downsides to Amerish is that because there is uniform terrain there are few benefits when fighting from one area of the map to the next.  The terrain favors defensive players more than offensive because most of the capture points are located on the top of mountains which make it difficult for tanks to get involved in a fight. It does feature some chokepoints but most of them can be avoided fairly easily; however there is no going around the giant mountains that often host the control points which tends to make this continent more infantry focused. Below are a few of the best defensive points on Amerish.

The NC Arsenal – It provides a great defensive platform for the NW gate holder as they have easy access and the NE gate faction must go up hill in open terrain to take it from whoever holds it.

Splitpeak Pass – The natural terrain prevents a massive tank column from entering the pass from the North or South, and the East and West have shield generators which are problematic for attackers. This favors the NE gate more because they have easy access to the switchback that leads directly to the capture points located north of the road at splitpeak pass.

Auraxis firearms Corp. – This region is particularly difficult to take because it is ontop of a hill that allows defenders to see tanks coming from 1k+ meters out and there is only one road that leads into it. This particular region doesn’t really favor any particular warpgate but generally the south gate holds it because of the proximity to the south.

The Ascent – This region is basically the crown on steroids that is why there is rarely a fight over it. There is only one road up that is only accessible from raven landing and there is no road from the bottom of the mountain so vehicles must be pulled from ravens or the ascent. The only feasible way to take outpost is to drop with a large force and pull AMS’ from the Ascent itself.

Amerish Mapv3

This map is my favorite map to have an infantry fight on because there are few opportunities for tanks or aircraft to spam the capture point due to the mountains. When attacking or defending having a good infantry group of players is key to taking or defending a base and it does not matter how many tanks try to flood the field when they cannot get to the point. When tanks do rush near the capture point it is often their downfall because they are unable to retreat with all the other tanks around them. If you are a tank driver just remember you do not need to be at the point having an over watch on the point can be just as useful because the closer you get the more likely you will go down to rockets or C4.

As far as balance goes Amerish is pretty well mapped out, but that is primarily because unlike Indar there are no huge terrain differences when fighting near the various warpgates. I think that SOE did a great job with designing this continent but if they were able to relocate the NW gate a bit more to the south I think the strategy would change greatly and the map would be very balanced.

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