The New Crown – PS2

The crown has recently seen a few drastic changes. On top of the new lattice system which makes the crown key for pushing into other territory it also had a relocation of its Spawn and A-B-C points. They are located in places that make it easier for attackers and harder for defenders.

I was hoping the addition of the lattice system would help encourage more fights at the crown because it was a hard place to take. Let’s face it we all love a good hard long fight and the crown used to fit that bill. However with the changes of spawn location and all of the points it is much more difficult to defend the crown than it once was. This is not a bad thing because it causes more fights to happen at the crown though I am disappointed they made it easier to take and harder to defend.

They also added a jump pad from the east side of the base down near point C so that it can be easily reinforced but this pad does go both ways so it helps the defenders as much as the attackers. I think it was a good idea because point C is impossible to defend if you didn’t have the jump pads, though this can be used equally against defenders when the attackers start using it.

SOE has stated that they wanted a fun place to defend yet they have continually made the crown easier to take. There is no doubt that the crown is much easier to take now then they originally intended.  I think they might have done alright had they left two points at the top of the mountain rather than only having one on top. With player spawns in the tower it would make sense for the building on the left and right of it to carry two capture points, while the bridge below carries the third (See picture). This would require attackers to go up to the top of the crown if they wanted to get the 2nd capture point. With the two of the capture points below the crown the attackers never have to go into the crown unless they wanted to.

Black letters are current placement of points, Red letters are where I think the points should be placed.

Black letters are current placement of points, Red letters are where I think the points should be placed.

While they did ruin the crown for defenders it is still one hell of a fight to be in. When attacking it is much easier to take as long as you are willing to spend most of the time holding the two points B/C that are off of the crown. Thankfully the players tend to want a fight so they often push for point A and the tower which is a good thing because it makes it actually fun to be defending. If you are ever defending the crown you should be aware that because of these changes you cannot hold off a superior force as well as before. You should expect to hold against a population of 60% to your 40% but anything larger and it is unlikely that you will win. If you remember in my previous post HERE I mentioned that it was possible to hold off two or three times as many enemies at the crown and that is no longer the case.

With these changes in place SOE did make the crown get more action because as of lately it had been very quiet. Most groups knew that the crown was a pointless endeavor and stayed away from it when possible. With these changes though there is a reason to fight for it, and it is possible to take it from the enemy troops. While I am not happy that The Crown is no longer a defensive powerhouse I am happy that players started fighting over it and that’s all this game is about.

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