New Alerts, The Problems – PS2

In the latest update SOE has released new alerts or events for the empires to fight for, rather than just fighting for the same three continents.  This in theory should spawn some new tactics and some new combat options for the game, but it really doesn’t. Players do not seem to be interested in these new events and it isn’t hard to see why.

These alerts are now given to those who hold all the tech plants, amp stations, or biolabs on a continent or globally. I have already mentioned this and that is not the reason I am doing so again. There is a problem with these new events. SOE had originally offered these events to encourage players off of certain continents and to find better fights elsewhere. However these new events don’t really get the population from most empires doing anything to try to win them.

 Alert Started

First problem SOE has is that these events are not any rarer than the current take a continent one, and at least those get you decent fights. Why would you release a new event and make it spawn less often than the normal take a continent event? In fact the time I have been playing I have barely seen an even score for the events, and have only seen one or two planetary capture the facilities event, but that would not be an issue if I had no time to play. However I have time to play, and have seen several capture Indar/Amerish/Esamir events which means I am not missing the events rather there seems to be a lack of new ones.

Players do not seem to be drawn to these new events either. On occasion I will see outfits or command chat asking for help during these capture all the bases events, but usually players seem to ignore them. I think part of the reason players don’t bother is because taking a continent will at least be a decent fight that doesn’t require relocation, but when you have to take all the biolabs even if they were on the same continent it would still require lots of planning and moving not to mention if its global. Now planning and moving isn’t a bad thing, it’s actually good, but players are notoriously lazy which means they won’t bother doing anything unless it really benefits them.

For a solution I would like to see if SOE would be willing to at least test out the idea of running two events at the same time, say take all the biolabs and tech plants globally, or take the biolabs and conquer Indar. This would mix up the players some and maybe give a reason to participate during an event, but I could argue that it won’t really change anything at all. I don’t know that you can encourage players to participate if they have no interest no matter how much experience you give them.

Alert EndI was disappointed that these events did not add much to the game because I thought they might actually make something more interesting to participate in. I do think that over time these events might grab specific outfits that are tasked with quick relocation and good planning but currently that is lacking. If SOE was able to really look at the numbers and see how events affect player behavior they could make some changes and better their game while giving us decent content as well.

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