Planetside 2 now has 685million members….

We all know Planetside 2 is a growing game, but did you realize that it now has millions of players on each server?!?!? Well now you do, as confirmed by the screenshot below somehow SOE has gotten a massive influx of players. Don’t fret im sure we can all way a few years to get into the Que, long as we don’t D/C.

SOE BUGPlanetside 2 has seen a recent influx of roughly 685,818,000 players. The non-member cue has reached what has to be over 200million players as the servers were not equipped for a massive load of players. How this is going to affect game play I am unsure, but I can tell you that the fights just got bigger. If SOE can make a server that can handle this many players this is no doubt that we will not be able to move without seeing a friendly or enemy. Expect to see massive team-kills and kills when playing with any of the following: Weapons, c4, mines, bullets, rockets, ESF’s, tanks, galaxies, liberators, flashes, harassers, sticks, players, lag, logging on, and other various factors.

Yes, I know it’s a bug, but it’s kind of funny that the numbers even go that high, and no I don’t know what I did to cause this massive que of players. To be fair I had the option to wait in Que, which I would still be waiting in today, but I decided to go to the continent instead. Sony’s bugs are usually just annoying but at least this one was something that wasn’t actually a major problem for the game.

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