AV Turret – The Problems – PS2

The AV Turret is an engineer useable tool that is highly effective in combat. It does have several drawbacks when used in combat, and there are some problems with it in the game. The turret launches an AV round at a target and the player is able to steer it with their mouse keeping the crosshair on its target of choice, and usually that means they will need to lead the target a bit, which can be difficult at range.  AV turret-name

There are a lot of gripes about the AV turret because players can shoot it too far or players can hide them in a corner, but most of it is just people whining. The only real place that AV turrets pose a problem is on Indar because everything is narrow and easy to camp. On the other continents it is much more difficult to predict where the players are going and where you can ambush them. So I could make an argument that the AV turret is fine and Indar is actually the problem, but don’t worry I have no such plans.

AV turret actualThe further away a target is the harder it is to successfully steer the rocket into it, but that doesn’t mean that it is impossible. Players who spend enough time with the AV turret are able to control it with ease and shoot more than 1,000m away at their targets. This presents a problem because of the rendering “features” the game has because players and vehicles render by threat. With the AV turret technically it is an infantryman and because of that they render tanks (high threat) at a long distance; this is not the problem though, the problem is that those same tanks do not render the AV turret because of the distance between them and the threat perceived by the game. Often times this results in vehicles getting hit without any indication of who it is, where it came from, or how much longer they can survive.

One of the odd issues with this is that there is a physical rocket that players can typically see, but when rendering from afar it appears the rocket no longer shows once it goes so far out from its gunner. This means the only way you know where the rocket is hitting from is if you are in the vehicle and see the markers that you are taking damage. I think they should fix this bug, but I do not think that would actually solve the problem at hand. Right now it is annoying enough to sit there watching your vehicle die without any indication of where it came from, let alone when you realize its coming in from the other side of the continent.

AV-Mana TurretI don’t know if SOE has any plans to fix the turret and as an engineer and a tank driver I don’t know that this is a terrible widespread problem. However I do not think that AV turrets should have an unlimited range. They should look into having the rocket go dumb-fire after X meters. How far it should be allowed to go is difficult to say because the fights are large in Planetside and players who use these turrets take substantial risks when manning them. As a sniper I can pick off any engineer on a turret at almost any range, as long as they render, and there is nothing they can do about it.

The AV turret is really the only way to snipe vehicles as most rocket launchers do not have the range due to their lock-on capability. It does take some practice to actually get good with the turret because things like the placement, mouse sensitivity, and distance all affect how well you strike your target. I don’t think we should punish players who are the best at something by nerfing that something. However I do not think that is the case here, there are players who are good with it, but it does not change the fact that the AV turret should have a range that is limited in some way or form, and that the rocket should be rendered the entire time it is in flight.

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