Harasser Certification Guide – PS2

Today I will discuss the Harasser’s role and the certifications every player should get for it. You will expect to spend 2341 cert points in order to get a decently fit Harasser. The Harasser is a small maneuverable troop transport that can be highly effective in flanking the enemy and killing enemy infantry in the field of battle. It has the capability of more than just troop transport as well, and can be vital when blitzing the enemy.


As usual you should expect to get their acquisition timer to level 7 (541 certs). This of course will lower the time for you to pull a Harasser after you lose it. There are several viable options for the utility slot though the best is the NFI-2000 turbo to level 3 (750 certs). The turbo gives you the ability to rush into and away from a battle. Getting a higher level makes the fuel regenerate faster when you are not using it.

Composite Armor 3For the defensive slot you cannot beat the composite armor level 3 (350 Certs). This will give you a normal damage reduction of 18% and a C4 reduction of 45%. If you really enjoy the harasser I would buy the last level of composite armor, but for the casual user level 4 is too much to buy. Some players will prefer mine guard, but generally if you stay off the roads the mines are not an issue. The armor bonus is very noticeable will make a huge difference in a fight.

When it comes to the performance slot go with the surger chassis at level 3 (700 certs). Just like the flash this will allow you to power up the hills and with the turbo charge you can get some really great air when rolling to the next base. Speed and maneuverability are very important when using your Harasser because if you sit still or fail to flank an opponent you will die quickly. With most continents having many different rock faces and hills to climb this chassis makes all the difference.

Once again I will recommend at least one gun depending on your play style. The first gun that players should have is the M40 fury; this weapon is extremely effective in killing infantry especially when combined with the speed and maneuverability of the harasser. When enemy troops are running toward a base in a relatively open field drive up and let you gunner just pound the enemy infantry while you try to run the rest over. This will result in massive amount of kills for both driver and gunner.M40 Fury

If you are driving a Harasser remember that you can place a max in the back of the vehicle. So when moving from location to location I recommend getting an AA max as air targets will try to attack you and you will have a good chance to fight them off. You can also place an engineer in the back, or have your gunner switch to the back spot, and repair you while you are actively driving. To note the driver has to be going a bit slower in order for repairs to be given, but it still allows for repairs to occur while moving.

Not only can the back seat player repair but he can shoot the enemy in the field as well. This can be useful when your gunner fails to kill a target but severely wounds them, allowing the back seat gunner to finish the job. The player in the back can also drop mines and C4 which can be useful tactic when being pursued by tanks, just make sure he does not drop them in the Harasser itself as that will not end well. Generally mines would be preferred because they don’t require a remote.  When enemies start to give chase drop the mines and usually they won’t see them until it is too late.Harasser-Img

Keep in mind that a Harasser is extremely fast and maneuverable so you should use it to flank around the enemy position to attack their infantry and armor from behind. When attacking armor I would recommend getting an AV turret of your faction, flanking around them, and shooting them in the rear where you will do the most damage.

This is one of those vehicles that require a great driver, gunner, and co-gunner in order to be highly effective. With this being a relatively new vehicle on the battlefield it will take some time for players to master it. However once players learn to use it effectively the game will change and there will be some extremely menacing Harasser’s out there.

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