Flash Certification Guide – PS2

Today I will be discussing the flash and all the certifications that you will need for it. A player should expect to spend at least 1571 certs and more if you decide to use it for more than transport.

 Flash Icon

You should get the acquisition timer to at least level 5 (191 certs). Generally when moving from base to base you only need to pull the vehicle once to get to the fight after that you don’t really need it. For the utility slot you have a lot of useful choices but I will suggest using the NFI-2000 Turbo level 2 (350 certs). It will give you more speed to get into a fight quick and can be used to help out run enemy infantry or vehicles.  You could also opt for scout radar but generally there are plenty of scout radar vehicles in the area so it should not be necessary.

All flashes should have mine guard level 4 (330 certs), which will protect you when you are going too fast to stop once you spot the mine. This can also be great to have when you scout ahead of a sunderer to clear mines out of the way of it. This allows your sunderer to take another rule such as ammo or repair as long as he follows behind you.

The performance slot is also important when it comes to the actual control of the flash which is why I recommend getting the surger power chassis level 3 (700 certs). This gives you plenty of control over the flash which is one of the most important things for the driver. It also allows you to climb the hills faster and because terrain makes a huge difference in a fight this is a must have ability. It should be noted that you can stick with level 2 surger chassis as well but only if you don’t have the additional 400 certs for the last level. I don’t think it would make a huge difference in a battle, but when going into rough terrain it will be important.

M40 FuryTime to talk weapons which is not always my prerogative, however when using the flash as more than a transport vehicle you should get the M40 Fury. This is an anti-infantry round that does plenty of damage to nearby troops and can kill with direct hits. I recommend getting level 6 (341 certs) ammo capacity as it will give you 160 rounds which will be plenty. The standard optics will be more than fine for this weapon though I recommend level 1 zoom as it only costs 1 cert point. If you wanted you could go thermal vision, but it really won’t make a difference because this is an up close and personal vehicle. When it comes to the weapons utility you should get the magazine size to level 3 (700 certs). This is a rather costly upgrade but it gives you three additional rounds to shoot at opponents and you will need them. This weapon alone is powerful but it is even better when used with the cloaking device that you can receive.

Cloaking level 2When you decide to do some covert operations incursions the wraith cloaking device level 4 (1250 certs) is a must have. This can only be activated as an infiltrator but it will allow you to approach enemy territory without being seen. Additionally when you pair it with the M40 Fury you can run around decimating the enemy infantry that are at the front lines. Unfortunately or fortunately rather you cannot fire when cloaked so you will have to uncloak to fire the M40, but you will still be able to get into position to make a shot, uncloak, shoot, re-cloak, and quickly run away before anyone can retaliate. This method is extremely profitable as many enemies do not even realize that their buddies are dying from behind their own front line.

FlashThe flash can be a useful tool for moving your best buddy into the field as it allows a passenger to sit in the back for the duration of a ride. The passenger is capable of firing their weapon and placing mines/c4 as well. This means you can carry around an engineer who has 5 mines and drop mines in front of an incoming armor push. You could also pair this with the cloaking ability and de-cloak, drop mines in front or directly behind a tank and then re-cloak, wait and laugh hysterically.

The flash is a very useful tool that can be used for more than just getting to a fight if you are willing to be bold and crazy enough to try it out. Though when doing so you should be careful as the flash is not exactly the safest vehicle to drive around in as you can be shot out of it, and it can be easily destroyed by incoming fire. With this versatile vehicle there are constantly new ideas for its use in the game so feel free to explore its full capability.

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