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Today I will be discussing the continent of Indar and I will follow up later with the other two continents Amerish and Esamir. The benefit of capturing the Indar is a 10% reduction in anything that costs infantry resources. This seems like a good benefit but  the fact is that it only allows you to buy one more infantry item such as a mine or a grenade and that is not that big of a deal. Until they introduce a continent lock system there is little reason to take a continent for your empire unless you are just compelled to do so.


Indar is divided into three zones, the Northern Desert, the West Highlands, and the East Canyons. Each of these have benefits and drawbacks, though some more than others. Remember that during each major update the empires change warpgates to make sure that not empire gets a benefit of their warpgate location for an extended period of time.

All qualities in each zone are dependent on whether or not you are defending or attacking so I won’t quantify them as advantages or disadvantages, but if a special note needs to be made I will notify of defensive and offensive capabilities.

Indar-grid-NorthThe Desert in the north is arguably the best choice for a warpgate.

  1. Open territory makes it easy to move vehicles around although there is a canyon down the middle making movement between the east and west slow.
  2. It is lowland which also allows for more aircraft to provide support, though there are fewer places for them to hide as well
  3. Once the territory north is captured, which is about 50%, you must fight uphill to get to the next bases, this can be treacherous when advancing. However 50% during an event is pretty good.
  4. However invading from the south to the north is relatively easy as you can go downhill as you fight the enemy.

Indar-grid-EastThe East is the worst location for a warpgate on Indar for various reasons.

  1. All of the roads and bases are in canyon systems which means that your opponents can shoot down on you from above. While this could prove to be an advantage for the east gate it often is not, because your opponents are given easier access to the cliffs above. They have direct access to the cliffs from the west and north (once they make the initial climb), which means they will have an easier time getting setup and shelling you from above.
  2. The canyons also restrict how many tanks you can move to the next base which makes attacking the bases from the warpgate difficult because the enemy can focus fire in a small area. However when attacking from the east or north you have access to the canyon walls so you are not narrowed into a small area, which makes taking the SE bases easier. Not to mention aircraft will dominate any armor columns that are in a canyon because there are too few places to hide them. TL:DR Lots of choke points.
  3. The tech plant for this warpgate (Tawrich) is left exposed on the western flank and can be easily taken without the lattice system in place (should the lattice be removed). Even with the lattice it is the most exposed tech-plant on the continent, and usually there is a fight for it as the Western empire has the high ground on the west side of Tawrich.

Indar-grid-WestThe western highlands warpgate provides some of the better defended bases to stage from and defend. It is also the only side of this continent that has a significant amount of greenery including trees from which to hide in and shoot around.

  1. The tech plant is the hardest to take; attacking from the north there is a long road uphill where opponents can decimate any vehicles going uphill to the south. On the East there is only one other entrance on the south side where opponents can push and with the current lattice system it forces opponents in the east to approach from the lower entrance and that is a good thing as it is the least defendable entrance, though still difficult to maneuver around.
  2. The crossroads are easy to defend because when pushing from the west gaining points B + C are easier than when pushing from the east. This allows the crossroads to be a slaughterhouse when defending attacks from the north and east, as those are the most exposed pathways to the crossroads. With the crossroads being key in the defense of both the eastern and western warpgates there is always a fight nearby trying to take it.
  3. The two water outlets on the North and Eastern sides help reduce how many tanks can get to the warpgate and while that does not seem like a big deal it does mean more air vehicles are required to push the Western warpgate.

Indar tends to be the most popular continent and there is no single reason why there are a few contributing factors, and I will do my best to explain them.

  1. It is the only well-developed continent. What I mean is that it was not rushed out the door for a production date, unlike Esamir and Amerish.
  2. It has many bases. This allows for more fighting as you cross the map and less driving and waiting
  3. There are more choke points which are natural ambush spots and allow defending to be more rewarding.

Map-IconWhile these all contribute to Indar being the most popular continent I can’t say that these are the only reasons that it is. I will note that when it first launched it placed all new players on Indar as well, this might still be true but with more events I think the population problem has been balanced encouraging other players to go to other places.

With the new lattice system that SOE are testing there might be some bigger changes in store for all the continents but with Indar already having this system it is unclear it anything else will change for it. The other continents might benefit from a lattice system but we do not know if SOE will continue to expand the use of the lattice. I am not going to spend time discussing the lattice system yet as that is long enough for its own post.

 Love it or hate it Indar is the most popular planet for players to fight on and while the others offer different scenery the fights are still all the same which isn’t a bad thing. Once we start seeing more continents added and a locking system for them the fights should get better and the game will change significantly.

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