Game Review – BulletStorm

BulletStorm is an FPS that takes place somewhere in the future. It is a typical FPS where players run around shooting baddies until there are no more baddies to shoot. The storyline itself is very typical but that does not detract from the humor and combat the game offers. I will start this off by saying I always play the game on the most difficult level available so that I can get a better understanding of how difficult it actually is, and it is not difficult at all, but it does have the qualities of a good FPS.

BulletstormThe storyline is the predictable ex-military guy got manipulated into killing innocent people and wants revenge, which is how you get to the planet in the beginning. However I will say that the storyline good or bad is not the reason to play this game. Whether you like it or not the storyline can pretty much be ignored and the shooting can commence, and personally I think that is more important than the story itself. Yes, the storyline does give context to things and keeps it moving, but really you can ignore it and have a blast, if you really want to go into it I think you will enjoy it, though it is as solid as every other FPS storyline.

Multi-awardsThe graphics are actually very well done and while I don’t play games for graphics it’s not hard to see why other players do. It has very detailed environments for the players to fight in, and even though you are funneled into one area and don’t have much freedom on the map it does not feel like you are being constricted in the environment. While there is some gore here and there this game actually does a good job of playing to reality in that there is not an overabundance of it.

When you earn experience it is actually used to buy ammo and upgrades. It allows players who make kills in unique ways to get more supplies, and if you don’t you will have fewer resources. This makes getting headshots, shooting explosives, and kicking people into cacti a worthwhile endeavor as they give you more points. The points given are used to upgrade your current weapons and even get more ammo and special abilities for your guns. These points can make a huge difference when you are fighting enemies. Not being able to buy ammo in a fight would mean you have to get up close to kick them or leash them toward you, which is usually not a great idea.

From the get go you are given a leash. The leash is a wrist mounted whip for a better term that you can use to pull enemies toward you or toward those cacti. It is a vital tool that allows a player another option vertigobesides shooting the baddies in a room. When kicking or leashing an opponent they fly in the air in slow motion, which allows you to get a perfect head shot or propel them into the nearest human eating plant.

There are a limited number of weapons you can use in the entire campaign. Of these weapons you can only carry three at any given time, which adds to realism but makes the player use the same two weapons throughout most of the game. There is no reason to drop the assault rifle as it is the only weapon that has a decent ammo capacity and the specialty weapons are cool to use but most don’t really serve a great purpose. Only the sniper rifle is needed and that’s only when you have to fight other snipers. I never had to have the other weapons to get past an objective because they were all built for the same purpose, killing. Now I know that’s what weapons do, but what I mean is that they didn’t really have an advantage over each other when you were in a fight. If I had to guess the reason they didn’t provide this advantage is because most of the fights are the same, and the diversity for fighting was lacking.

ExplosionThen there are the regular boss fights and mini-boss fights which have really been overdone in video games. There are not many giant boss fights in Bulletstorm but there are a few and each of them are pretty easy to beat. I don’t think this really detracts from the video game, but I wouldn’t say that it adds much either. It is the typical weak spot located on a boss shoot it until he gets a second wind and do it all over again. There was at least one boss fight that required a player to be careful with his ammo consumption because it was possible to run out if you didn’t know he was coming up, which makes the leash much more valuable. When it comes to the mini-bosses they are even easier once the player realizes how to beat one, they are all basically the same.

Bulletstorm brings in a good sense of humor as well. It actually makes the game quite enjoyable by having funny achievement names and occasional one-liners from the characters. Though I don’t think the humor is really enough to overlook some of the other issues it made me laugh often enough to note here and anything that makes the game more enjoyable is always welcome.

You have an AI buddy who can’t shoot for beans with you the whole time, and I wish they offered an option to play co-op with a friend online. In fact there is no reason that should not be an option for a two player game.  With at least one AI sometimes two following you around the storyline wouldn’t even need to change. I suppose as a gripe goes this is not a big one, but I think it could have added more difficult achievements and made for a better playing experience.

PrickedThe controls are pretty standard and I have to say that the combat is very smooth. There is little question of how to use your weapons and the environment to your advantage. And I would say that most of the combat comes from using the environment to finish off the enemy mobs that lay all over the tropical paradise. Once you start messing around with some of the enemies you will find quickly that in almost any chapter of the campaign there is always something that will kill opponents without you ever having to fire your rifle.

In terms of the difficulty of the game I found it quite easy. There were some challenging moments where I had to retry the assault, but generally speaking it was easy. There was usually plenty of ammo or the ability to get ammo and there was little reason to use all the guns when a few would do the job just fine. I think any casual FPS player will find the game as easy as any other FPS on the market as most of them are not more difficult than this one.

Bulletstorm is a worthwhile buy as it will keep you entertained and laughing for many hours, not to mention all the achievements you have to find out about that have no descriptions. I think any hardcore or causal FPS gamer should get Bulletstorm as a “I am bored game”. What I mean is this is the perfect rainy day, nothing to do, bored of other videogames, game. Sure it doesn’t have a strong storyline and some players will discount the entire game for that, but I disagree because the storyline is not the backbone of a good FPS however the combat is and Bulletstorm has plenty of that.

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