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 There is not much information about how the new battle island will operate though it looks like a 1v1 faction slug fest within a small area and roughly 250 total players (125 each side). It features an Ice canyon, winter trees, and large indoor battle area’s. While nothing has been set in stone it appears that these are made for competition purposes where players can show off their skills as a cohesive outfit. With a large battlefield and real teamwork it is the perfect game for making an esport and this is why Major League Gaming appeared on the PS2 scene. Don’t worry if you don’t play competitively it looks you might be able to access these islands when they are not in a match. Check it out for yourself.

Today I will be discussing the Prowler tank for the TR to finish my segment on basic tank certification guides. You should expect to spend over 2000 cert points for a decent Prowler fit with an additional 2200 certs for primary and secondary guns. For the other factions: NC – How to fit a Vanguard, VS – How to fit a Magrider


Today I will be posting a guide on how to cert a magrider to get the most for your cert points. Magrider owners should expect to spend around 2200 cert points to fit out a decent magrider and an additional 2200 certs for their main and secondary gun upgrades. I will note here that I recommend the same secondary guns for all tanks and therefore the information on them did not change but to save time I did re-post them below. For the other factions: NC – How to fit a Vanguard, TR – how to fit a Prowler.

Today I will be discussing the continent Amerish and what it is that makes it different from the other continents. Amerish is a green planet with plenty of shrubs trees and even a few streams of water. Though I wish they used more lakes and rivers to improve the beauty of the contient and give additional options for defensive and offensive attacks.


The crown has recently seen a few drastic changes. On top of the new lattice system which makes the crown key for pushing into other territory it also had a relocation of its Spawn and A-B-C points. They are located in places that make it easier for attackers and harder for defenders.

In the latest update SOE has released new alerts or events for the empires to fight for, rather than just fighting for the same three continents.  This in theory should spawn some new tactics and some new combat options for the game, but it really doesn’t. Players do not seem to be interested in these new events and it isn’t hard to see why.

Last week I did a post on why no one likes to take squad leader, today I will discuss what makes a good squad leader. You will need a few basic skills in the squad leading certification area, but it won’t cost you that much only 1030 certification points. Squad

We all know Planetside 2 is a growing game, but did you realize that it now has millions of players on each server?!?!? Well now you do, as confirmed by the screenshot below somehow SOE has gotten a massive influx of players. Don’t fret im sure we can all way a few years to get into the Que, long as we don’t D/C.

The AV Turret is an engineer useable tool that is highly effective in combat. It does have several drawbacks when used in combat, and there are some problems with it in the game. The turret launches an AV round at a target and the player is able to steer it with their mouse keeping the crosshair on its target of choice, and usually that means they will need to lead the target a bit, which can be difficult at range.  AV turret-name