Basic Galaxy Guide – PS2

The Galaxy is a troop transport that is used for quick deployments on the battlefield. It is relatively easy to cert up for a galaxy because it is a situational vehicle. You will only need to use it to drop and generally only one time per base, which gives you plenty of time to rearm and repair if necessary. There is a variant called the galaxy gunship and I will delve into that at a later date. It will cost 1739 cert points for a quality galaxy certification.


I recommend you get acquisition timer level 7 (541 certs), it will allow you to get a galaxy every 9.5 minutes. When it comes to the utility slot there are two options, but if you need fire suppression then I recommend you find another vehicle. That is the reason I recommend getting decoy flares just level 1 (100 certs) should suffice as you generally only use the galaxy to get to the target and then you either dump it or leave.

Composite armor 3For the defensive slot you have a couple of choices though I recommend getting composite armor level 4 (630 certs). It will give you an additional 10% resistance to flak which tends to be the death of most galaxies. For the performance slot I recommend precision drop airframe level 2 (300 certs). This will be more than enough for the average galaxy pilot and will allow you to have more control over where you want them to drop.

As a galaxy pilot there is a current bug you need to be aware of. When dropping your troops out of a galaxy make sure your altitude is less than 600m, if it is not you risk killing some if not all of your troopers. This means that some bases you will have to approach much closer to because the actual altitude on your screen is not the altitude to the ground, which in turn makes you a bigger target. Now you can still drop from a higher altitude but be aware some of your men will die from the fall.

M-20 DrakeWhen it comes to the guns I think the M20’s do a good enough job though the A30 walker would be better I don’t know that you would use it enough to justify the additional cost. You should get level 3 ammo capacity and level 1 zoom on each gun which will cost you a total of 168 cert points. Make sure to tell your gunners not to shoot unless you are fired on. You do not want to attract attention of passing vehicles that do not see you, because if you do they will engage and they might tell their empire where you are. This is the reason I recommend only having outfit members or friends in the gunner slots of a galaxy. In the off chance you run into a large enemy air-force make sure to fly a bit off center to give your gunners better shots at any aircraft on your tail.

It is possible to see how soon your galaxy will die when it starts taking damage by watching the health go down and looking at how much health you have left. When you realize that you will not survive try to get your troops to a safe location and tell them to bail before you take 80% damage. If you take that much damage you risk getting hit by something big that will finish you off before your troops can get out, and their safety is your priority.

When it comes to actually flying the galaxy remember that it is important to make it to your target in one piece. When going to your target approach from the direction where there are no enemies or friendlies (no fighting, etc), this allows you to sneak up on the base without them having notice you are arriving. If you were to fly right over your own forces the enemies who are engaging your forces would start engaging you instead because you are a bigger target.

Assuming you have a galaxy and want to keep it for more than one drop then you should find a safe place to park it. Generally speaking the best place to park your galaxy after you drop your troops would be in the warpgate. The warpgate will protect you and scare away any ESF’s that started following you as you retreated. Then when your friends are ready for a pickup have them meet at a squad/platoon waypoint on flat land and then you set down on the waypoint. It is important that your galaxy only be on the ground for a short amount of time because it is exposed and a very tempting target for any ground vehicles in the area.

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