Eve-Online Odyssey Probe Changes!

In Odyssey probe scanning is getting a rework and it looks to be a full overall. With improvements in scanning, ease of use, and making the scanning system look better will no doubt make scanning a more viable profession for beginners and veterans. I have noted some of the bigger changes in this article though it is worth mentioning that Odyssey is not an exploration expansion so don’t worry if scanning is not your thing, but they are doing some vital improvements to it.

First and foremost you will be able to launch the maximum amount of probes that you can have in space at once. This means less time waiting and clicking each probe as you launch one at a time. Additionally they are going to have two types of pre-set formations. One of these is spread which cover a large area and can be used to find where the anomalies are generally located. The other one is Pinpoint and that will have probes in a formation that would have a good chance for locating the exact location of the anomalies. Both of these together will allow new players to delve into scanning with relative ease as it makes understanding how scanning works easier.

AstrometricsAstrometrics skill no longer gives one additional probe per level instead it gives more scan strength, and less scan deviation, and scanning time. Additionally Astrometrics has become a starting skill for all new players, so they won’t need to buy it to get started. This means that the other skills, Astrometric Pinpointing and Acquisition now give a lower boost to their respective attributes, from 10% to 5%.

When recalling probes the action is not instantaneous and will occur when you jump at a warpgate or dock in a station, so no more leaving your probes out accidentally. They do not mention specifically about wormholes, but I am going to assume that it is considered a system jump. They have left the timer on the probes, but instead of the probes dying at the end of the timer they recall to the ship owner. This will save a lot of headache when you are doing something else and forget about your probes out in space. With these two features implemented there will be little reason to carry more probes than you can in your launcher because you should not lose any of them. This in turn will lead to more cargo for loot when in anomalies which means less turnaround time to drop it at stations.

New Scanner Window

They have also beautified the scanner window. When you scan down a signature it will tell you how strong it is using a color coded system which allows you to easily identify how close you are to finding that elusive anomaly. This will make tracking a specific exploration site much easier than before. There are also new modules that are being released that will affect the scan strength, deviation, and time. This should lead to an easier time scanning which is a welcome sight to all veterans and beginners alike.

All of these changes should allow for beginners and veterans to easily scan out anomalies and various exploration sites with ease. With any luck these changes will lead to more players focusing on the exploration side of things, though I have my doubts that they will. Players will go toward what they enjoy doing, whether it be pvp, pve, exploration, ratting, or even markets, and once they have their preference nothing can really change that unfortunately.

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