Lightning – PS2

The lightning can be a very versatile weapon in the field. It has a strong AA platform that will keep enemies away for over 1000 meters and the agility and speed to keep up with them. It will cost you 3363 cert points to get a fully functional and highly effective skyguard to keep your opponents out of the sky.


As usual you will want to level up the acquisition timer to at least level 7 (541 cert points) for your lightning ensuring that you have little downtime when you lose it. When it comes to the utility slot you have two primary options either fire suppression or IR smoke. I would recommend getting IR smoke because as a tank you typically take fire from ground troops who have lock on rockets. The IR smoke will help prevent some damage from incoming infantry, which is usually the majority of incoming fire. You won’t need to skill this ability up too far unless you really feel it is needed so level 2 (150 cert points) should do fine.

Nanite-RepairWhen it comes to the defensive slot you have plenty of choices you can make Generally speaking I recommend nanite auto repair level 5 (880 cert points). There is a valid argument for mine-guard as well, though you should be able to see mines before you run into them. When it comes to the performance slot on the lightning I recommend racer chassis level 2 (300 cert points) at least, when fitting a skyguard turret, and a rival combat chassis when fighting other tanks with armor-piercing rounds.

SkyguardFor the skyguard turret you should get increased ammo capacity level 7 (541 cert points). Level 7 will give you 1120 rounds of flak which is more than you will need 95% of the time, and the other 5% you will have an ammo tower nearby. I recommend getting the standard zoom optics to level 3 (201 cert points) because this is for killing aircraft and night vision and thermal don’t have the range to see them when you need to engage. You should get several levels of reload speed at least 3 (750 cert points), this will allow you to reload quicker when fighting enemy aircraft and it does make a huge difference when the enemy air is retreating.

When it comes to strategy for skyguards there are a couple of options.

  1. Find out where the enemy air is going to resupply/repair and place your skyguard between the fight and their resupply point. This can be very effective especially when you only target the weak aircraft. Make sure you find cover as you make a target if you are sitting out in the open. Generally look for towers or nearby bases as that is where aircraft congregate. Remember you don’t need to get right on top of them to do some serious damage, though the closer you are the more damage you will do.
  2. You can follow fellow tanks and sunderers into a battle. If you decide to fight in a tank battle make sure to stick to the rear of the fight because you will make an easy target for enemy tanks. This allows you to provide air cover while staying safe in the back of the pack.
  3. When you are forced to fight the skyguard is not really weak when attacking other vehicles or infantry, but it does have a light tank. I have seen one take out a sunderer single handedly, even if it did take a bit of time. They do more damage than most players realize and you can use this to your advantage. Make sure to use your speed to circle your opponent so that he cannot get a good hit on you, meanwhile you will be constantly damaging him.

Lightning-fullWhen Fighting aircraft do not fire at them as soon as you see them appear in the sky, generally you want them to get close enough where they will not survive once you start shooting. This can require some patients but it will allow you to get more kills and do more damage. It also does not help when friendlies start shooting at anything that moves, but if you join in and strike too soon you not only give away your position but you will miss an opportunity for a kill. That being said if an aircraft is about to die then you should fire away, just don’t fire at something that’s 2,000 meters away and has full health….

With the Lightning’s agility and speed you should not sit in one place. This is a general rule for almost anything FPS, but it should to be stated in Planetside 2 for almost everything. Once you take out an opponent be aware that they will come looking for you, and if you relocate you can either avoid them, or flank them because they will not be looking for you to be somewhere else. By constantly moving players have a better chance of making kills and avoiding death, so try to keep on the move.

At this time I will not go into details on the other types of lightning turrets simple because the heavy tank offers a better option in most cases when it comes to AI or AV turrets. It would also require a great deal of pro’s and con’s using weapons that are not necessarily worth getting at this time.

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