Ammo/Repair Sunderer – PS2

Today I will discuss the Ammo and repair sunderers, how they work, what you need, and how many cert points you should expect to spend. To make it easier the only sunderer modifications that are different are the defensive slot ones, otherwise they are the same in every regard, just like the AMS post I made earlier. For an ammo sunderer you will expect to spend a total of 2041 cert points, where a repair sunderer will cost you 3041 cert points. Keep in mind these share some of the same requirements as an AMS, so in reality the cost won’t be so large if you already have an AMS leveled up.

Ammo SundererAmmo-Sunderer

For an ammo sunderer setup you will need the vehicle ammo dispenser which goes in the defensive slot. You should plan on getting at least level 3 (350 certs), which is a range of twenty-six meters, where level 4 is thirty meters and costs another 500 cert points. I still recommend rival combat chassis level 3 (700 certs) for the performance slot because you will be able to keep up with tanks easily, and that is your main source of experience. Also remember to get at least level 8 acquisition timer (941 certs) so that you can pull one quicker if you lose it in the first five minutes.

For the utility slot you should get the AMS (50 certs), there is little requirement for it, and while you are not functioning as an AMS you might be needed as a temporary spawn. Keep in mind vehicles will try to get close to you to get ammo and spawning friendlies could cause some unwanted grief for the tanks, which might cause them to leave for another ammo source. So do not deploy unless it can actually be useful to your team as a temporary spawn. You will notice a lot of the upgrades I recommend I also recommend with the standard AMS setup. This is because there are few other choices for those slots, and those that do exist are not as beneficial as the ones I suggest getting.

You should keep the ammo sunderer behind your friendly vehicles at all times. When they need ammo they will find you and the most important thing you can do is to stay alive. With so few options on the battlefield where vehicles can reload there will be s demand for ammo so do not overexpose yourself just to get the experience quickly. Find a place behind a rock or in a valley where the enemy cannot see you easily and only advance when you have another location where you can safely park the ammo sunderer. Tanks will not mind traveling one hundred meters more when the typical ammo tower is more than five hundred meters away.

Repair SundererSunderer Repair

For a repair sunderer you will need the proximity repair system to level 5 (1350 certs) at least. This will allow your AMS to repair friendly vehicles quickly and keep the momentum of the battle on your side. Exposing a repair sunderer can get it killed very quickly if it is not placed perfectly because it provides a huge advantage to the team that holds one. It allows them to get repairs on vehicles while staying fully engaged in the fight or minimal downtime if friendly armor does need to retreat for repairs.

There are a couple of options when placing your repair sunderer.

  1. Take the direct approach. Run right up behind the friendly tanks in the area without overly exposing your sunderer and give them immediate repairs. This can be risky as you make a larger target but it also allows you to get more experience faster and saves your tanks from having to back up to you. If you have a few engineers to repair your sunderer and friendly tanks this method can be very productive as the enemies won’t be able to damage enough of your armor before they suffer significant losses.
  2. You can park it like an ammo sunderer and let the tanks and vehicles come to you for repairs. This means you will get less experience as tanks die before getting to you, and that you will have more engineers stealing your repair experience. However it will mean you will survive longer and long term you might make more experience than if you chose option number one.

With all sunderer types (AMS/repair/ammo) you should stay with it at all times. If you take heavy fire you can repair it or move it, and you can support the infantry by giving cover fire with the turrets. Like the AMS I would recommend getting a camo of your choice in order to give it a little more cover than usual. However I will mention that camo on ammo/repair sunderers will not make much of a difference if you are in the middle of a road/field. Once again I don’t typically make weapon suggestions either, but one AA gun and one AI gun should be sufficient for most combat situations.

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