GU09 Changes! – PS2

For those of you who don’t like to read through the patch notes I have decided to explain the major changes in the last update for Planetside 2. There are many exciting changes that occurred from the lattice system to several commonsense overdue features for Planetside 2.

They decided to release the lattice with this last update and it is sure to shake up some fights. The system requires players to have one of the links to an outpost or base in order to take that base. Now that is not really different than the system now because you need a link to start the hack, but the difference is that there will be fewer links because everything is not connected. It makes the game more linear and it attempts to squash the back hacking and ghost hacking that occurs on Indar. Now I mention Indar because the lattice system is currently only available for Indar. Quite simply it is a test to see if the players like the new system and if it can have an effect, or if it will be thrown out because it is terrible.

With the addition of the lattice most of the bases and outposts have been renovated to better suit infantry fights. This will allow for a more protected spawn and an easier fight for both attackers and defenders. They are trying to remove vehicles from the majority of base fights, and turn those fights over to the infantry groups. This is what many players want, a more useful infantry force that can fight door to door, but what will the consequences of removing vehicles be? Also keep in mind that with this lattice system more players are pushed into a smaller area so there is less back-hacking and more brute force attacks which will make large fights, really huge, which might stress the system of local computers and cause players to rage.

For new players who have never played Planetside 2, or are just really bad, they have added a tutorial to cover the basics of the game. This should help encourage new members to stay longer because they will be adequately trained, and while I have yet to check it out myself I see no reason it shouldn’t improve player retention rates. Let’s face it the more players we can keep playing the more everyone has even if you hate their guts.

The Instant Action button also got a renovation and has become useful once again. They have limited the action to keep you on the current continent which means you will not risk leaving an event when you want to get right into the fight. This is very welcome because it does not require players to use resources to get to a fight; instead they can just deploy and fight immediately.

Generators can no longer be overloaded without having the territory beside it. This is a puzzling change and it’s listed as a bug fix, but frankly I think it is an important part of the game and was never a bug. By removing the option to blow gens behind enemy lines you cannot prep a base for assault and it removes the little meta-game that does exist. I know players would go around and blow gens just to get experience, but it also caused empires to gain and lose territory as well. I would hope that Sony would recognize that the generators serve a purpose that is key in the lattice system, as they did in the original Planetside. Just as a quick brief for players who don’t know the original game had a lattice system that allowed any generator/spawn to be attacked which would cut the benefit of techplants/ampstations/biolabs/caves/modules from any base that was down the line of the lattice. This was important when attacking because it made attacking easier, not to mention they would have to send troops to repair the base that was on the lattice line.

Some small adjustments will be mentioned below

  1. Helios and Connery are merged into Connery
  2. More shit in the store to buy for Buggies/vehicles/etc
  3. New max abilities for each empire (this is something that I will cover later perhaps in the basic max post)
  4. Spotting enemies now grants twice the experience as before
  5. Concussion grenades nerfed, along with flash grenades
  6. Default revive for a medic is now 50% health
  7. Gun changes to vehicles
  8. Now an “ultra” setting for gameplay
  9. Receiving a tell from another player will play a sound so you are aware of it. (Thanks SOE)

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