New Players Planetside 2

Recently Planetside 2 has seen a rise in new members and it is very evident in the battle field. This has led to frustration when you get team killed and glory when you dominate the same four or five dudes before they can react. However you will notice the former more often than the latter. Mostly because it will annoy you as you routinely get killed by friendly fire, including friendlies chasing you down to kill you.

Several times in the past few weeks I have noticed that there are hundreds of players who are less than battle rank ten. I have seen them as NC, TR, and VS. There seems to be no end to how many new players are playing the game and I really seem to notice in the smaller fights;  In fights where it counts to have more experience and when there is less spamming is where players show their true skills.

It is not clear why there are new players in Planetside 2 though it would appear that SOE has finally found what their players have wanted all along. What is that you ask? Well, I don’t really know to be honest but I would suspect there are several underlying factors.

  1. The game has become more stable, there is less crashing, more FPS, and fewer bugs.
  2. There are constant updates that are shaking things up for the players and giving them something new to explore.
  3. The game has begun to be advertised by its player base. Really most players will mention this game to their friends, but with more stability this will only happen more often. Not to mention the fact that it has an exponential effect as more players learn about it.

At early glance it does not appear that there are more overall players in the game, which leads me to believe that there are fewer veterans and more newbies. However that might not be a bad thing, new players who fight new players are more likely to have a “fair” fight and will be more likely to stay around. While it should not matter how old the character is I do think it affects how long players will try out a game. Not to mention the fact that there are new players means that the game is still gaining some overall ground. Now if the trend continues, which is unlikely, then yes Planetside will suffer because you do need veterans in the game to keep it sustained. In the short term this influx of players will be a welcome sight and should bring in some new tactics and new outfits.

Once I have some more data I will post an update here.

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