How to be a successful AMS driver – PS2

Providing a spawn for friendlies is critical to the success of a base capture and it can be quite rewarding as well. While sunderers have more than one job being an Advanced Mobile Spawn, is the most important by far. It costs less than 2050 cert points to fit out an effective sunderer as an AMS. I will go over repair/ammo sunderers in more detail in another post later this week.

When placing and AMS it is important that you factor in many things.

  1. Make sure you don’t deploy in view of an enemy spawn room because the enemy will shoot from the spawn to take out the AMS, and you cannot shot them in spawn.
  2. Place the AMS in a way that does not deny another friendly AMS within 50 meters of the main capture point. If you place an AMS on the capture point and it dies there will not be another to replace it and it can cause you to lose the point. Also the AMS drivers who park right under a base are usually the first to die because the enemy have easy access to them.
  3. Use cover to your advantage; make sure you park behind a rock or hill so that the AMS is not exposed from too many angles.

AMSAs the AMS driver it is your job to protect the AMS and make sure that it does not die to anything so you’ll need to repair it, kill the ones attacking it, and move it if necessary. Do not run off with the troops and assume that the hundreds of players spawning will protect your AMS, they often don’t bother and it can cost you the point and loads of experience. Not to mention that you will get experience for killing those who are trying to get to your AMS.

There are many ways you can fit out the AMS though it is important that you get an AMS for the job you need done. In other words don’t spawn a repair AMS if there are no vehicles nearby it is pointless. I recommend that players get the AMS (50 certs) and the mine guard to max level (330 certs) with it. Having mine guard will prevent being killed by two mines or at max level up to seven mines. Currently mines only detonate when a vehicle is moving or when they are shot so when you are deployed players will place mines underneath and then shoot them. However that will be irrelevant as you have mine guard and will not even need to worry about enemy engineers.

The reason I don’t suggest composite armor is that C4, the other primary killer of AMS’, won’t kill with just two bricks like the mines do. Yes composite armor will protect against incoming fire but a good AMS operator will not expose the sunderer unless absolutely necessary. Two bricks of C4 and two grenades from a launcher will set you on fire though so be sure to get out and repair the sunderer before it burns down.

Rival Combat ChassisYou should plan on getting at a minimum level 8 acquisition timer (941 certs), the sunderer plays a key role in the battle and that time can be very long if you are not careful. The rival combat chassis, level 3 (700 certs), is the preferred option when it comes to the sunderer’s performance slot as tracking and turning are the most important things for AMS’ .

When it comes to weapons it is best to provide one AA, usually the rear gun, and one AI gun to handle any infantry that might be around your AMS. It is important to know that while more AA is nice to have, there are more infantry that will try to take out the AMS then aircraft. Don’t forget to get at least one level of ammo and zoom as they only cost one cert point each, though I would recommend getting several levels to make the best use of it.

Keep in mind the sunderer is faster than most tanks so when you are moving from point to point make sure to stay behind the friendly tanks and vehicles. The last thing you want to do is find yourself between friendly and enemy tanks, it won’t end well for anyone. Also be careful when driving down slopes as the sunderer tends to roll fairly easily and this can result in an awkward moment when you kill your entire squad.

HornWhen it comes to cosmetic items I usually don’t suggest anything, though in this case I will make a few recommendations. You should pick an appropriate camouflage for the continent you are on; this only increases the survivability of your AMS. Also I think getting the NS-A horn is a worthwhile investment for entertainment purposes though I don’t think it’s worth 7.50$, so look for it on sale. It is rather entertaining to use and can be used to rally troops when there are several AMS’ around and you want them to load in yours.

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