Effects of Wealth in Eve-Online

What would you do with billions of Isk in Eve-Online?

This seems like a stupid question to ask, to the average player the response is along the lines of “They buy a big ass ship and go kill shit with it.” However after investigations and trials I have determined that players who find wealth are more likely to quit eve. I am not saying that rich players leave the game, but players who gain wealth faster than they can spend it are more likely to retire from the game.

As many players are aware I am an active trader and over the past couple of years I have taught players how to make a ton of cash on the markets. I don’t have the exact numbers, but I am aware that over half of the players I taught to make money quit within the first few months of making billions. Now this wouldn’t be a shocking event as players get bored of the game or trading itself, but the fact that it was directly after those members got paid makes it an odd occurrence. Naturally I would assume that players with a new load of cash would be willing to spend it on a shiny new ship. However it seems to be that when most players get a large influx of cash they no longer have a reason to play the game.

With plenty of isk there is little reason for the player to log on and play. This is because Eve-Online trains skills over real time, logged on or not, and that means the only reason to play is for the isk. Now once some players have the money there is simply no reason to continue playing. They could spend their new found wealth on almost anything but it seems that some players of Eve play only to get a paycheck and not to accumulate wealth and power. The key thing to note is that I don’t think players quit when they become wealthy, but I do think that the majority quit when they make money quicker than they can spend it.

If a player was given ten billion isk in one day I am sure he could spend most of it on things he thinks he needs. However it is unlikely that player would be able to spend all of the money on things he actually needed. This leads to a leftover balance of money, which the player would sit on until he had a need for it. But while he is sitting on it he has little reason to play the game because he has the money he needs and doesn’t need to run missions or go ratting because he can get almost anything he wants. I should note that players who PvP every day are not likely to sit on money and wait because their purpose in Eve is to attack other players. This would mean that they could spend less time missioning and more time killing.

In typical games players would level up their characters until they maxed them out and then they would grow bored of their game. There are often endgame events in these games and eve online is no different, but I am excluding these because I do not think they have a significant impact on players leaving particularly in eve online where players drive the universe. Eve online does not really have an endgame depending on who you ask but I think that is one of the reasons eve online has so many long term members.

It is difficult to tell if an influx of isk in a short period actually causes players to quit, but I think it is a contributing factor along with the fact that these players often have been playing for years and naturally get bored. To really know the causes there would have to be much more research done into the reasons why players left and quite frankly it is an endeavor that is a bit excessive for a video g


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