Eve-Online Hacking in Odyssey

Think Eve-online is complicated? Just wait until the 4th of June when their new hacking and Archaeology interface is released. At first glance it looks really interesting but as I started to read about it I have some concerns. One of which they don’t mention is when hacking will the player still be able to operate their ship, and I would assume that they would, however would that mean when out of range they would have to start over? The Dev blog posted gives little information and I am not sure that there is much development of the hacking itself at this point in time, rather they just focused on a new UI for Odyssey.

Essentially it appears you must make a path through the hacking UI until you find all the Cores you need to access the loot. There are different subsystems in place on the hacking UI that perform various tasks and are all linked to each other. First there are defensive systems, that stop the module from spreading to the nodes next to it. Then there are Utility systems that can help the users modules or attack the defending systems. There are also data-caches which are like mystery boxes some of them provide helpful information and others activate more defense systems. Finally there are the Cores which the player needs to access in order to get the can to jettison its contents into space.

There are also some hints about making hacking a more everyday occurrence and adding unused utility systems to the marketplace. It will be very interesting to see how they integrate unused hacking loot in the market place and if the market will even be useful with the limited amount of hacking that occurs.

Read more about it Here

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