Eve-Online BS Mineral Changes

We all knew it was coming but did you invest soon enough? We have received the new resource costs for battleships on Sisi and it looks like once again there will be a rise in buying, selling, and building of ships before the patch occurs. The numbers could change and that would be a problem for many speculators getting on the train now but if you remember the previous patches and how the mineral costs of ships had changed you might have invested before the general public got word of it. Don’t forget the last few times mineral costs have changed some of the ships took months to recover and some still are.

With the information currently published there has been a huge buying and selling of the most profitable battleships on the market up to six times more than normal. The numbers show some great promise in long-term investment with some of the ships doubling in isk value. However players need to be aware that with these ships flooding the market and the ability to produce them today there is no telling how many battleships will be sitting waiting to be sold. Estimating on the amount traded a day normally and the amount being traded the last week there is going to be at three month stockpile and that doesn’t even include the ones being built. So if you are planning on investing in this market you should expect to wait at least six months before you will start to see a good profit. If you really want to double your money odds are you will have to wait at least a year before selling so this is a long term investment.

For anyone who has billions laying around and doesn’t need the cash this is a pretty safe investment even if the numbers are not as high there will be profit. However if you are a new player trying to make some quick cash this is not for you, it is long term and requires a huge start-up fund to get started sufficiently.

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